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MMO Guide Mart Rift Leveling Guide Review

Another day, another guide. This is the 9th Rift guide I’ve had the pleasure of spending money on, and I really hope people will soon stop publishing them as I might very well go broke. Just like the last few … Continue reading

Kalmar’s Rift Guardian Leveling Guide

For  a guide which has been advertising very extensively lately, I’ve found Kalmar’s to be quite a disappointment. It’s probably selling really well and tons of players are jumping on board and getting it, but my advice is to skip … Continue reading

Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide Review

Just a few hours before the Rift headstart begins — what better time to release what is currently definitely the best Rift leveling and strategy guide available. There’s five different guides I’ve read so far and none of them is … Continue reading