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MMO Guide Mart Rift Leveling Guide Review

Another day, another guide. This is the 9th Rift guide I’ve had the pleasure of spending money on, and I really hope people will soon stop publishing them as I might very well go broke. Just like the last few … Continue reading

Catari’s Rift Defiant Leveling Guide Review

From the author of the not so popular Kalmar’s guide comes yet another leveling guide, this time for the Defiant faction. And much like it’s guardian counterpart, it suffers from the same issues: incomplete, not enough details, overpriced. Basically if … Continue reading

KFGuides Rift Leveling Guide Review

KFGuides has been known to previously publish guides for other games (WoW, Aion) and while they were never the best ones from what I can tell, they were still decent and helpful. They’ve been recently releasing a number of free … Continue reading

Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide Review

Just a few hours before the Rift headstart begins — what better time to release what is currently definitely the best Rift leveling and strategy guide available. There’s five different guides I’ve read so far and none of them is … Continue reading