Rift Planar Focus Guide

Even though Rift has been out for quite awhile now, many new players continuously check out this game and have questions. One of the most frequently asked ones if how planar focus and essences work, so in this article I’ll give you a basic overview.

Planar Focus are special slots in your character overview window where you can place Planar Essences: items that improve your character attributes and resistances. As seen in the image above, there are lesser and greater slots where you can place your essences.

Foci (plural for focus :p) can be purchased from planar goods and greater planar goods vendors in each of the major cities using Planarite, a currency obtained by participating in Rifts and Invasions. Some weaker planar foci can also be obtained from monster loot drops.

There are two planar foci in the game right now that are usually used by all players and are much better than anything else you will find: Flawless Source Machine (for Defiants) and Sigil of the Five (for Guardians).  Each of these Foci add 2 major and 4 lesser essence slots, and each cost 7500 planarite. You will have to work your way for this, so remember to close down rifts and participate in invasions all the time when you’re leveling up. You can also gain additional planarite by doing daily quests.

You can have 4 minor and 2 major essences equipped, but the number of them depends on the quality of the Planar Focus — the slot in the middle, also known as core essence. Only after you place a core essence/focus can you equip other minor and major essences.

Minor Essences typically increase your character attributes and stats, and always add some minor resistances. Major Essences often have a chance to add an additional effect on one of your spells, for example a bonus heal on your healing spell of bonus damage on damaging spells.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different Planar Foci as they don’t get destroyed when you replace them. They come in various qualities and with different bonuses. Essences however do get destroyed when replaced, so be more careful with those.

As max level when you have access to the best focus and essences you will notice it’s makes quite a difference than not having good ones. Make sure to always be on the lookout for good essences, and don’t skip those rifts!

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