Rift Domination Guide Review

Rift Domination is a just recently released strategy guide for Rift. It’s the 8th guide I’ve read so far, and this one didn’t really impress me, much like many before. Overall it’s not bad, but there’s absolutely nothing in it which would make me want to recommend it.

Most important thing first: the leveling guide. It’s not 100% complete, nor is it nearly as detailed as Xerxes guide. It does have maps and screenshots which some guides are definitely lacking, but it’s not detailed enough to seriously cut down your leveling time.

As for other content, there is some useful stuff in the guide but not that much. A PvP guide is always helpful, but this one not nearly as much as again Xerxes. The instances guide is decent as well, but there’s no new information that you can’t get elsewhere. Once more, Rift Domination is even more expensive than some other, better guides.

In short, Rift Domination guide offers nothing new. It’s not a bad guide, but it’s far from being the greatest one either. My recommendation is to get Xerxes guide which is still by far the best one.

Rift Domination Guide

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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