Rift Bots – Why You Shouldn’t Use Them

While doing my daily Rift googling today I came across a rather new website which hosts a bot. It’s not yet released, but should be in the next few days, just in time for the headstart. Just in case you don’t know, a bot is an automated software that grinds and does quests while you sleep.

Don't buy this c**p

The whole point of this website is to help players level up in Rift, but only by using legal methods which do not violate the game’s TOS. And that’s the first thing you need to know: any information we post, even if it’s a detailed step-by-step leveling guide explaining quests and instances and what not is perfectly legal. A bot on the other hand will get your Rift account banned sooner or later!

If you’re having trouble leveling up in Rift, or don’t have much time to play and want to make the most out of it, getting a leveling guide is the best and safest way. You will level up faster by using one and you will learn some things about the game which you ordinarily might not for quite some time. They are helpful in so many ways, and best of all they are perfectly compliant with Rift TOS.

Personally I have no idea why anyone would even use a bot to play a game. You will learn absolutely nothing about Rift, you won’t enjoy it because it’s not you who is actually playing it, and assuming you’re not banned by the time you reach the level cap what then? I don’t understand what the point is: leveling up is a part of the game where you’re still learning it, the mechanics and your class abilities. If you just use a bot to level up you’ll be a complete idiot with a level 50 character, and most likely quit the game. In fact, if you do use a bot and manage to get to level 50, I hope you will quit the game because you’re dumb and I don’t want to play with you. Ever.

The only thing a bot will do is get you banned from the game. You already paid $50 or more because you obviously want to play the game: in that case just go ahead and play it like every other normal person. Again, if you need help leveling up browse around our site and find a good leveling guide to help you. It costs less and won’t get your account suspended.

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