Rift Blueprint Guide

Rift Blueprint is a recently released Rift strategy guide containing a variety of tips about the game. While it’s not as detailed as some other guides available (namely Xerxes which is awesome), I didn’t find Rift Blueprint as bad as for example Kalmar’s guide.

The author Tony Sanders also recently published a DC Universe Secrets guide which turned out not to be so well done either. Just in case you recognized the name now you know why. Anyway, Tony’s Rift Blueprint Guide does contain some useful content, but it’s not nearly enough to make me give it a better rating.

Rift Blueprint contains plenty of beginners guides like those for choosing souls, making platinum, PvP and dungeons. Note that these are all beginner guides: since I’ve read so many none of this info is really new to me. When I read the previously mentioned Xerxes guide there was tons and tons of info I never knew about, but I didn’t get the same from reading Rift Blueprint. It’s a shame really: the guide does have a lot of potential to be great, but the author simply didn’t put in a whole lot of useful info in it.

This guide also doesn’t really contain a step by step leveling guide, but instead gives you basic overview of leveling with quests and rifts. Again, beginners info only as it won’t really help you progress faster.

The best part of Rift Blueprint which is really nicely done is the instance guides. Every instance is listed and the quick overview will give you all the information you need, such as the location, bosses, quests, maps, and most importantly boss strategies. It’s not necessarily unique info as you can find the same in Xerxes guide, but I liked how it’s nicely outlined and easy to read.

Overall Rift Blueprint simply doesn’t have enough useful info to be a serious competitor to other guides at this point. If it had an actual leveling guide and some insider tips that aren’t only for beginners it would be so much better. It’s not the worst guide, but it’s not the best guide either. Perhaps it will soon be updated (in which case I’ll update my review accordingly) but at the moment $47 for this kind of info is simply not worth it.

If you want a good guide get Xerxes. Period.

Rift Blueprint

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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