Whitefall Steppes

Minimum Level to Queue: Level 30
Number of Players: 6-15 players
Goal: Be the first to capture 3 flags or capture the most flags after 20 minutes

  1. Overview
  2. Objectives
  3. Strategy
  4. Video


Winterfall/Whitefall Steppes is a Capture-the-Flag Warfront that pits 8 to 10 players from each faction against each other in instanced-based PvP. Players are grouped in brackets of similar level range: 10-19, 20-29, et cetera, and are able to join a battle from anywhere in the game.


The Whitefall Steppes Warfront is a capture the flag styled match. Each team starts on opposite sides of the map by their flag. The opposing team must collect their opponent’s flag and carry it back to their flag. A team can only score a point if they successfully carry the opponent’s flag back to their base while they still have their flag. You cannot capture your opponent’s flag if your flag is currently taken.

Quite simply, that is all the Warfront is. You carry the flag as you would the Fang of Regulos in the Black Gardens. However, there is no damage penalty for being a Carrier. If you die, the flag is dropped on the ground. The opposing team can return the flag to their base by activating it or another member of your team can pick up and become a Carrier by activating it. After a certain amount of time, it will automatically return to its spawn point.

The first team to capture their opponent’s flag 3 times wins. Or, the team with the most flag captures after 20 minutes wins.


Whitefall Steppes is probably my favorite Warfront between the first 3 available. To me, it requires the most teamwork and relies more on the skill of one team versus the skill of another team. You cannot zerg and win it. You cannot sit at your Spawn Point and win it. You must fight toe to toe with your opponent and outplay them.

There are two basic strategies to winning Whitefall Steppes. They are discussed below:

  1. Moving as a Team: The first strategy is the one that works the best. You move across the entire map as a full team. At the start, try to avoid directly fighting the opposing team. Obviously, if they intentionally move to engage you midfield, you must stop as a team and fight. If you are not bothered, continue to your opponent’s base and pick up the flag. Then, as a team, move together down the side of the map that is not where your opponent’s Spawn Point is (If you are Defiant, travel down the West side. If you are Guardian, travel down the East side). On your way back, find whoever is carrying your flag and full out engage them. Your Carrier should stay back out of combat as to not risk dying. Fight in midfield, kill their Carrier, return your flag, then move as a team back to your base and capture the opponent’s flag. This strategy requires the most teamwork and skill, but works the best.
  2. Moving as Small Groups: This strategy is most likely what all of your Pick-up-Groups will use. In the beginning, a portion of your team will run and engage the opponents while the rest go towards the enemy base and picks up the flag. In order to be successful, you, as a player, should stick with the part of your team grabbing the flag. You should also help protect the Carrier on their way back to your base. Once the opponent’s flag is safely at your base, you have two options. If you are Supportive or Healing Souls, you should stay with the Carrier to keep him alive. If you are Offensive Souls, you should try to find a small group of people and attack together to return your flag. The most important part is attacking together! Do not charge in 3 people at a time. Wait outside the opponent’s base and form a small group and attack together.

In general, it is very important to focus fire Healers and Carriers in this Warfront. Find the players casting Heals and kill them or use crowd control on them. Then, find the Carrier and burn them down.

Secondly, only Defensive Souls should be carrying the flag. Do not let Mages or non-Defensive Rogues take the flag. The best carriers are Defensive Warriors or Clerics (or a Riftstalker).

Overall, stick together and use teamwork. You cannot win this Warfront by playing solo. You must cooperate, communicate, and work together to win with any type of consistency. Due to the size of the map of this Warfront and the 20 minute time limit, it can become quite frustrating playing without teamwork. You will lose more than you will win. So make your team work together!


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