Port Scion

  • Maximum team size: 20
  • Minimum player level: 50
  • Victory condition: Accrue 1,000 points, OR the most points in 45 minutes, OR slay the enemy commander


Once Port Scion was the pride of the Mathosian Empire, perhaps the richest city in Telaran history. Now it is overrun by the undead, forcing both Ascended factions to fight each other as well as hordes of walking corpses if they hope to capture this grand city for themselves.

This huge Warfront offers Ascended plenty of challenges and many ways to help their team. Heroes might strike at the Endless Court presence, destroy fell idols to the dragons, or wear down the other faction’s guards. Truly bold Ascended can assault the enemy camp and try to assassinate the enemy high commander, whose death signals defeat for his faction.

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