Black Garden

  • Type: Martyrdom (5 to 10 per team)
  • Levels: 10+
  • Objective: Obtain 500 points
  1. Description
  2. Summary
  3. Objectives
  4. Strategy
  5. Video

The Black Garden Map


Within a holy grove in the Silverwood, Guardians and Defiants fight to take control of the Fang of Regulos.

Imprisoned here for milennia by the High Elves, the power of the fang lay dormant until the rifts corrupted the shrine and killed the protectors.

You must fight to take control of this powerful artifact. Be warned, the longer it is within your grasp, the more its dark power will eat away you soul.


Earn points for your team by holding onto the relic as long as possible. However, no one can withstand the power of the relic for long, and the carrier will take an increasing amount of damage until they die. You may also accrue points for your team by defeating enemy players.


The object of Black Gardens is very simple. You must Right-Click to activate the Fang of Regulos. A player who succesfully activates the Fang of Regulos will then be carrying the Fang of Regulos until they die. While carrying the Fang of Regulos, the following conditions apply:

  1. The player’s team will earn points every few seconds
  2. The player’s team earns more points the closer the Fang of Regulos is to its spawn point
  3. The player will suffer damage every few seconds, increasing in damage the longer they carry onto the Fang of Regulos
  4. The player cannot drop or remove the Fang of Regulos. They carry it until they die.

The first team to 500 points will win the Warfront. Teams also earn points for killing players of the opposing faction.

Thus, the object to the Warfront is having your team collect the Fang of Regulos and carry it longer than your opposing team.


Despite earning more points the closer the Fang of Regulos is to its spawn point, the best strategy is to actually carry the Fang of Regulos as close to your team’s Spawn Point as possible. Although you will earn 1 point every few seconds instead of 4, your chances of your team carrying the Fang of Regulos is greatly increased.

Eventually, the Carrier will die due to the DoT. It is inevitable. It’s highly suggested to spam heal the Carrier of the Fang of Regulos, but eventually it will just simply 1 shot them. When that happens, the Fang of Regulos is dropped where the Carrier was standing and is needed to be picked up again. If you are hiding by your Spawn Point, you most likely will vastly outnumber the opposing team. Why? Because when your team dies, they are spawning directly where you are fighting; meaning they can instantly rejoin the battle. When the opposing team dies, they must travel the length of the entire map to rejoin the fight. Since you cannot use Mounts in Black Gardens, this can take as long as an entire minute! A minute of +1s is a lot of points!

As a Carrier of the Fang of Regulos, you should be very conscious as to what is going on and what your job is. Your job is not to kill people. Your job is to live as long as possible and to die near your team! That is so crucially important. If you are about to die, do everything you can to get near as many members of your team as possible. This is so that when you do die, the Fang of Regulos drops within arm’s reach of multiple teammates instead of in the middle of nowhere where the opposing team can easily pick it up.

If nobody picks up the Fang of Reglos within about 10 seconds, it returns to its initial spawn point.

In summation, the Carrier should get as close to their team’s Spawn Point as possible, do everything they can to survive as long as possible, and die near as many teammates as possible. Doing the above three will almost always insure a victory.


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