MMO Guide Mart Rift Leveling Guide Review

Another day, another guide. This is the 9th Rift guide I’ve had the pleasure of spending money on, and I really hope people will soon stop publishing them as I might very well go broke. Just like the last few guides that were released, this one doesn’t really bring anything new to the table either. Let’s look more closely at it though.

Both factions are covered in this leveling guide, yet neither is fully complete at the moment. Hopefully the guide will get updates soon to level 50, but if you don’t want to wait then consider an alternative. In general the leveling guides are relatively well done: I could definitely see more detailed explanations and descriptions being added but it’s alright. Possibly the biggest downside to MMO Guide Mart’s leveling guide is that you don’t get both factions for one price, but instead have to pay for them separately. The good thing is that they aren’t charging ridiculous $47 or more like some other guides, but rather $30 for both guides.

You do also get a “free” Rift strategy guide with the purchase of one or both of their leveling guides, which mostly consists of very, very beginner information you probably already know about. The usual info on rifts, invasions, PvP, souls, professions, platinum, equipment etc. that’s can be found pretty much anywhere elsewhere is in this guide: it’s not useless, but it’s nothing that we don’t know about either. No real secrets being revealed here, sorry.

Overall, MMO Guide Mart’s Rift Leveling Guide is decent in comparison to other guides, but I’d definitely wait for it to be completely finished before you go ahead and purchase it. As for the strategy guide, it can’t even be compared to the level of detail that you can find in Xerxes strategy guide.

MMOGuideMart’s Rift Leveling Guide

Rating: 3 out of 5

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