Killerguides Rift Leveling & Strategy Guide

Rift’s release is a month away, and we already have a strategy guide written to help new players get familiarized with the game. There are currently several different Rift guides available, and Killerguides is by far the best one you can get.

Killerguides has over a hundred successful guides written so far. Most of them for MMORPGs, and their authors are decent writers who usually pour in a lot of knowledge and insider info in the guides they write. Their latest releases are several Rift guides, most notably the Rift Strategy Guide you’re about to find out more about.

Killerguides Rift guide contains several different chapters with a variety of information about the game. The leveling strategies inside will make sure you reach the cap sooner than most other players if you follow their instructions. Outlining quest details is great since you won’t have to look up any info online if you get stuck in a particular quest.

PvP strategies are also really good to have, as this game has a really good PvP aspect and whether you like it or not you’ll be doing it for sure. Warfronts guide is also a good reference if you’re confused with any part of it. Additionally, a list of PvP rewards and equipment will make sure you know what you’re fighting for.

A general Rift equipment guide is also available, and will show you what stats are best for your souls and where to get the best gear available. Equipment choices don’t matter much at first, but once you’re half way through the level cap you’ll start noticing how much better weapons and armor helps with your combat abilities, and knowing where to get it is very handy.

If you don’t like PvP that much and are more into PvE, the dungeons and instances guide will surely be useful to you. An overview of instances, required levels, bosses, strategies and loot is something you won’t find anywhere else. A quick glance in this guide will tell you which instances you should check out the get the best equipment and most experience.

Lastly, I’d like to mention the gold making guide; or is it platinum making guide? Anyway, having enough platinum to buy a mount at level 20 is easy, but if you want to buy some pieces of equipment along the way you probably won’t have enough. This guide actually has very solid gold making advice, despite the game not even being released yet. If you want to dominate the market and earn a ton of platinum, this is one chapter you will not want to miss.

Killerguides Rift Strategy Guide is constantly updated with new content. If you’re looking for the best Rift strategy and leveling guide you’re most welcome to download it below: it’s my top recommendation for any Rift player who wants a quick grasp of the game.

Killerguides Rift Strategy Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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