KFGuides Rift Leveling Guide Review

KFGuides has been known to previously publish guides for other games (WoW, Aion) and while they were never the best ones from what I can tell, they were still decent and helpful. They’ve been recently releasing a number of free guides for Rift, and most lately they published a complete Defiant leveling guide.

Overall I’ve found KFGuide’s Rift leveling guide to be quite efficient and detailed. All quests are covered and they include screenshots and maps which are always a welcome addition, as not all guides have them. If you’re looking for an efficient leveling guide for The Defiants I suppose KFGuides will do fine.

However, there’s this thing called value for money, and when I compare this guide to Xerxes which is still my top recommendation it’s not as good. First of all, Xerxes contains even a more detailed leveling guide, and for both factions. You may be playing a Defiant today, but if you ever decide to reroll why should you purchase another guide — I welcome Xerxes’ decision to put both factions into one guide. Second, while KFGuides offers a few free guides as well, they are aimed at beginners and you don’t actually even have to pay to access them.

So why pay for KFGuides at all, when Xerxes is so much more detailed, and their free bonuses are a lot detailed and there’s more of them? Xerxes costs the same as KFGuides and offers much more. In conclusion KFGuides is indeed a quality and complete guide, but simply put Xerxes offers a lot more.

KFGuides Rift Defiant Leveling Guide

Rating: 4 out of 5

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