Kalmar’s Rift Guardian Leveling Guide

For  a guide which has been advertising very extensively lately, I’ve found Kalmar’s to be quite a disappointment. It’s probably selling really well and tons of players are jumping on board and getting it, but my advice is to skip it.

First of all, Kalmar’s Rift Guardian Leveling Guide is exactly what the name says: a guardian leveling guide. While most other guides contain leveling guides for both factions, Kalmar’s is focused only on guardians, which is not even half of Rift’s population. One would also assume that the guide is in that case extremely useful and detailed but that’s unfortunately not the case either. You may be playing a Guardian now even, but if you decide to reroll a Defiant in a month or two you’re pretty much screwed.

Kalmar’s guide is currently not even fully complete. While I’m sure it’ll get updated to level 50 quickly, you should know what to expect if you decide to get it. So anyways, the leveling guide isn’t bad at all. It will help you out with leveling up your character but it doesn’t include any detailed maps or screenshots as some other guides.

Additionally I don’t like the fact that his website claims the guide is 1-50 already when it is clearly not. Also, I sometimes like to print out leveling guides but it’s difficult with Kalmars as the guide can only be viewed as a .jpg image and not as text.

Unfortunately that’s all Kalmar’s guide contains. A rather sub-par, incomplete leveling guide for one of the two factions in Rift. While all other guides are focusing on not only providing a detailed list and descriptions of all quests but also many other in game mechanics and features, Kalmar charges $47 for a Guardian leveling guide.

Basically I don’t see why you would want to purchase Kalmar’s guide, unless you too have fallen for the massive hype. The guide is far worse than my current top recommendation Xerxes Guide, not only in the leveling department but also for the fact that it doesn’t include any bonuses which are extremely useful to have.

If all you need is a (currently incomplete) leveling guide for the guardian faction I suppose Kalmar’s Leveling Guide is fine, but I urge you to reconsider because Xerxes contains it as well and it’s more detailed, in addition to having tons of bonuses, all for a lower price.

Kalmar’s Rift Guardian Leveling Guide

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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