Gods are beings with powers incomprehensible to lesser beings. There may be more than just gods of the Blood Storm and of the Vigil, who potentially survived the Shade. The Gods (deities) that we know survived are at least Regulos, who is currently trying to consume the world after being banished from Telara. And Crucia, who is locked in an icy prison deep in Iron Pine Peak.

The currently known gods in Rift: Planes of Telara can be found below.

The Gods of the Vigil

The creator gods that helped to form the Vigil and form the Telaran pantheon of gods are:

  • Theodor – The Sword
  • Mariel-Taun – The Heart
  • Throntic – The Sea
  • Bahralt – The City
  • Tavril – The Land

The Bloodstorm Gods

The dread gods of the bloodstorm that manifested themselves as dragons on Telara and were banished to the planes are:

  • Regulos – The Destroyer – The dragon of death
  • Maelforge – The dragon of fire
  • Greenscale – The dragon of life
  • Akylios – The dragon of water
  • Crucia – The dragon of air
  • Laethys – The dragon of earth

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