Foraging is the gathering profession that involves the collection of diverse Plants and sorts of Wood found throughout Telara. Foraging is especially useful for the Apothecary profession, but is also helpful for Artificing and Weaponsmithing.


A Foraging trainer can only teach you recipes and profession grades up to his own Foraging grade. This means a Novice Forager NPC will be unable to teach you a recipe for which the Skilled Forager profession grade is required.

Trainers can be found in the following locations.

Guardian Areas

  • Silverwood
    • Landing (Novice Forager)
    • Argent Glade (Novice Forager)
  • Sanctum of the Vigil (Master Forager)

Defiant Areas

  • Freemarch
    • Ark of the Ascended (Novice Forager)
    • Kelari Refuge (Novice Forager)
  • Meridian (Master Forager)

Requirements for Foragers

For their profession Foragers need to find Plants and Wood locations. These are spread throughout Telara. Once such a location has been found the player can collect the wood or Ingredients from plants.

Foraging Leveling Guide

You should level up your foraging skill along side your character leveling.  As you level and move into higher level zones you will be able to forage the higher end materials needed to level up.  This guide is a work in progress with circuit maps to farm foraging materials most effectively!

Approximate Materials Needed:

  • 50 Yew Timber
  • 50 Ashwood Timber
  • 80 Oak Log
  • 50 Mahogany Log
  • 80 Kingswood Log
  • 80 Runebirch Log
  • 60 Sagebrush Timber
  • 120 Sladethorn Log

This guide is split up into four sections, each to go with the different levels to achieve 300 skill level.

  • 1-75 Novice Foraging
  • 75-150 Skilled Foraging
  • 150-225 Expert Foraging
  • 225-300 Master Foraging

1-75 Novice Foraging Guide

  • Train Novice Foraging
  • 1-35: Craft 50 Yew Timber into Yew Plank
  • 35-75: Craft 50 Ashwood Timber into 50 Ashwood Plank
  • Train Skilled Foraging

75-150 Skilled Foraging Guide

  • 75-115: Craft 80 Oak Log into Oak Lumber
  • 115-145: Craft 50 Mahogany Log into Mahogany Lumber
  • 145-150: Craft 10 Kingswood Log into Kingswood Lumber
  • Train Expert Foraging

150-225 Expert Foraging Guide

  • 150-185: Craft 70 Kingswood Log into Kingswood Lumber
  • 185-225: Craft 70 Runebirch Log into Runebirch Lumber
  • Train Master Foraging

225-300 Master Foraging Guide

  • 225-250: Craft 60 Sagebrush Timber into Sagebruch Lumber
  • 250-300: Craft 120 Shadethorn Log into Shadethorn Lumber

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