Butchery is the gathering profession that allows one to collect Hides and other useful parts from the creatures of Telara and craft them into various sorts of Leather. Butchering pairs exceedingly well with the Outfitting profession, but is also helpful for Armorsmithing and Apothecary.

  1. Trainers
  2. Requirements
  3. Leveling


A Butchery trainer can only teach you recipes and profession grades up to his own Butchery grade. This means a Novice Butcher NPC will be unable to teach you a recipe for which the Skilled Butcher profession grade is required.

Trainers can be found in the following locations.

Guardian Areas

  • Silverwood
    • Landing (Novice Butcher)
    • Argent Glade (Novice Butcher)
  • Sanctum of the Vigil (Master Butcher)

Defiant Areas

  • Freemarch
    • Ark of the Ascended (Novice Butcher)
    • Kelari Refuge (Novice Butcher)
  • Meridian (Master Butcher)

Requirements for Butchers

For their profession butchers need to have a dead beast. These can be butchered to gain Hides and other valuable Ingredients.

Leveling Butchering

  • Freemarch lvl 1 – 45
  • Silverwood lvl 1 – 45
  • Stonefields lvl 45 – 140
  • Lvl 1 – 45, Wolves
  • Lvl 45 – 65, Shoveltusk
  • Lvl 65 – 75, Wolves
  • Lvl 75 – 100, Boars (Stonefield)
    • Each would only need 1 kill per level

You should level up your butchering skill along side your leveling.  Higher level creatures in Rift will drop the hides needed to level up.  This guide is a work in progress with circuit maps to farm hides coming soon!

Approximate Materials Needed:

  • 50 Soft Hide
  • 50 Thin Hide
  • 80 Medium Hide
  • 60 Heavy Hide
  • 80 Thick Hide
  • 70 Exotic Hide
  • 120 Soulhide
  • 80 Ironhide

This guide is split up into four sections, each to go with the different levels to achieve 300 skill level.

  • 1-75 Novice Butchery
  • 75-150 Skilled Butchery
  • 150-225 Expert Butchery
  • 225-300 Master Butchery

1-75 Novice Butchery Guide

  • Train Novice Butchering
  • 1-35: Craft 50 Soft Hide into Soft Leather
  • 35-75: Craft 50 Thin Hide into Thin Leather
  • Train Skilled Butchering

75-150 Skilled Butchery Guide

  • 75-115: Craft 80 Medium Hide into Medium Leather
  • 115-145: Craft 80 Heavy Hide into Heavy Leather
  • 145-150: Craft 10 Thick Hide into Thick Leather
  • Train Expert Butchering

150-225 Expert Butchery Guide

  • 150-185: Craft 70 Thick Hide into Thick Leather
  • 185-225: Craft 70 Exotic Hide into Exotic Leather
  • Train Master Butchering

225-300 Master Butchering Guide

  • 225-270: Craft 120 Soulhide into Soulbind Leather
  • 270-300: Craft 80 Ironhide into Steeled Leather

3 Responses to Butchery

  1. this gives me a little more info then i had before, but i need to know where to find thick hide and exotic hide as i have not yet been able to find them

  2. butcher cats and bulls 36+ lvl in droughtlands for thick hides to max out
    butcher 42 lvl+ in stillmoor and iron peaks

  3. Stephen Nelson

    Hi, I have a level 27 Rogue in Rift, (Defiant) but I am struggling to get a single Soft Hide, despite killing nearly every beast and monster in Freemarch. I have been constantly asking for help from ours in the chat windows including my own guild which I am thinking of dropping as I have had no help from them at all.
    Can someone help me, I can’t take the quest further until I get these Soft Hides. Thank you.

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