A Runecrafter creates runeshards and runes which are used to augment equipment with bonuses such as +dexterity and +spell crit. The raw materials required are obtained from other magical items that have had the runebreak skill used on them.

  1. Trainers
  2. Runebreaking
  3. Upgrading Components
  4. Transforming Components


Trainers can be found in the following locations.

Guardian Areas

  • Silverwood
    • Landing
    • Argent Glade
  • Sanctum of the Vigil

Defiant Areas

  • Freemarch
    • Kelari Refuge
  • Meridian


Runebreaking is the act of using the Runebreak skill on a magical item in order to create the materials needed to craft the above Runes.

Upgrading Components

A Runecrafter may upgrade their runeshards beginning at 1 Runecrafter skill. At 10, 60, and 110 Runecrafter skill, they may begin transforming runeshards from one type into another.

Upgrades are processed in a cycle. That means that if you begin with the lowest tier of one type of runeshard, you can eventually upgrade it to the highest tier of it’s type, and finally back into the lowest tier. Powders, however, are linear. If you turn 3x Uncommon Power into 1x Uncommon Shard, and 3x Uncommon Shards into 1 x Uncommon Crystal, you can not turn that 1x Uncommon Crystal back into any number of Uncommon Powders.

To upgrade a component, right click on it. If you have the correct number of that component, they will be transformed into 1 unit of the next higher grade component of the same type. Consult the tables below for exact Upgrade procedures and results.

Transforming Components

Transformations are processed in a cycle. That means that as long as you have the correct additional components, you may transform a Kinetic Arc into a Perpetual Blur, that Perpetual Blur into a Sentience Spark, and then that Sentience Spark can be transformed back to a Kinetic Arc.

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  1. Thank you for this information. It would also be helpful to note where these “magical items” come from (rifts, mobs, ore, random).

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