Apothecary is the crafting profession with which you can create Flasks, Potions, Philters, Tonics and Vials. This profession corresponds best with the gathering professions Butchery and Foraging.

Trainers and Recipe Vendors


An Apothecary trainer can only teach you recipes and profession levels up to his own level. This means a Novice Apothecary NPC will be unable to teach you a recipe for which the Skilled Apothecary profession grade is required.

Trainers can be found in the following locations.

Guardian Areas

  • Silverwood
    • Landing (Novice Apothecary)
    • Argent Glade (Novice Apothecary)
  • Sanctum of the Vigil (Master Apothecary)

Defiant Areas

  • Meridian (Master Apothecary)
  • Kelari Refuge (Novice Apothecary)

Ingredients for recipes

For their profession Apothecaries need mostly Ingredients collected from Plants, pieces of Wood, some animal remains, chemical component sold at vendors and most importantly flasks and other bottle types in which to store the results of their recipes.

Recipes can be learned at the Apothecary profession trainer once you meet the required profession level. All recipes require a Laboratory.

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