In Rift there are six crafting professions available to players. They are:

  1. Apothecary – Creates Flasks, Postions, Tonics, Vials, and Philters
  2. Armorsmithing – Creates Shields, Plate and Chain Armor
  3. Artificing – Creates Jewelry and Caster Weapons
  4. Outfitting – Creates Cloth and Leather Items
  5. Runecrafting – Creates Runes to be applied on weapons and gear
  6. Weaponsmithing – Creates Melee Weapons and Bows

All of these professions are unique and require at least one gathering profession materials in order to be leveled up.  It is recommended that you select one crafting profession and two gathering professions to help assist your need for materials.  It will cost a lot of money to get the materials if you were to buy them from others or on the auction house.


Apothecaries are skilled in creating potions, vials, and other useful concoctions. Foraging and Butchering work best with this tradeskill.


Armorsmithing will allow you to craft plate armor, chain armor, and shields. Armorsmiths are also able to salvage armor, which lets them break the pieces down to gain crafting materials. Mining and Butchering work best with this tradeskill.


Artificers are the crafters of necklaces, rings, wands, and staves. Their unique training also grants them the ability to break these items into raw materials. Mining and Foraging work best with this tradeskill.


Outfitters are skilled at creating cloth and leather armor. Outfitters can also salvage armor, which allows themt o break down armor into crafting materials. Buchering pairs best with this tradeskill.


Runecrafters are trained to create runes and enchantments to increase the potency of equipment. Their training also allows them to Runebreak, which lets them siphon crafting materials from enchanted items.


Weaponsmiths are able to create any weapon that is not a wand or a staff. In addition, Weaponsmiths are able to salvage weapons for materials. Mining and Foraging work best with this tradeskill.

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