In the world of Telara your characters can choose to work in various professions. This gives them abilities to gather various resources, like wood or metals, or to craft items from resources, e. g. weapons, runes or potions. A character may choose any combination of up to 3 gathering and / or crafting professions. These are leveled independently of adventuring levels and are not tied to the Soul system.

Rift currently features 9 professions (see list of professions). These are divided into gathering and crafting professions. Gathering professions are generally independently from crafting professions and do not have any prerequisites. Crafting professions generally depend on materials that are gathered, crafted by other players or bought from NPC vendors. This means crafting professions are generally more costly however they also yield useful items in contrast to gathering professions.

Gathering Professions

Crafting Professions

Profession Grades

After gaining enough levels in a profession you are able to learn the next grade of this profession. With each level you also gain a new Title. The higher your grade in a profession the more powerful items you will be able to craft. Most recipes require a certain profession level.

This table shows the necessary skill points and costs for each profession level.

Name Profession level required Cost
Novice 0 10silver
Skilled 75 50silver
Expert 150 2gold 50silver
Master 225 12gold 50silver

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