There are currently 10 dungeons available to help you level up to 50 in Rift. The first dungeon starts around level 16 and ends at level 50. The two dungeons at level 50 will help you gear towards the next tier which will be covered sometime before launch. Each dungeon has roughly 3-4 bosses and will require at least one tank, one healer, and three dps. Ideally, one of those dps classes should be a hybrid support role to get the most out of your group either through buffs or extra healing.

Rift Normal Dungeon List

  • Realm of the Fae (16-17) – Silverwood
  • Iron Tomb (18-19) – Freemarch
  • Darkening Deeps (22-23) – Gloamwood
  • Deepstrike Mines (25-26) – Stonefield
  • The Foul Cascade (29-30) – Scarlet Gorge
  • King’s Breach (34-35) – Scarwood Reach
  • Runic Descent (39-40) – Moonshade Highlands
  • Fall of Lantern Hook (43-44) – Droughtlands
  • Abyssal Precipice (49-50) – Iron Pine
  • Charmer’s Caldera (49-50) – Shimmersand

The dungeons in Rift will take around 20-40 minutes to complete depending on your group. They are not overly difficult but will, at times, challenge your group if the encounters are not done properly. Mechanics over zerging is always a priority. Keep your tanks healed, your healers with no additional mobs, and your dps focusing targets and you will have no problem completing these dungeons.

The best part of these dungeons are the quests and gear that go along with them. The gear is going to be better than what is better from questing and rifting and will compliment your leveling tremendously.

Expert Dungeons

These “Tier 1″ dungeons are tinkered for level 50 characters. Before going into these dungeons it is recommended you have as much of your gear available that you can possibly get at level 50 without running these dungeons. These dungeons are certainly not a push over and will require your group to not only have the appropriate gear but a common understanding of game mechanics and class specific roles. These dungeons are the exact same as when you leveled up but with tweaks to make the game play feel different.

Rift Expert Dungeon List (Tier 1)

  • Realm of the Fae (50+) – Silverwood
  • Iron Tomb (50+) – Freemarch
  • The Foul Cascade (50+) – Scarlet Gorge
  • King’s Breach (50+) – Scarwood Reach
  • Fall of Lantern Hook (50+) – Droughtlands

If you are used to playing WoW, then you will understand the normal / heroic system. If you have not played WoW, then the version of these dungeons are tweaked to give level 50 players a bigger challenge in return for better loot. These dungeons share a 1 day lockout and have at least 3-4 bosses in each. The first time doing these expert level dungeons will take some learning. Depending on your group will determine how long it will take to complete. The great thing about these expert dungeons is they drop the items needed for you to participate in 5-man “Expert” Rifts which will give you and your party access to better loot.

My recommendation is to get as much gear as you can in the normal mode dungeons, rifts, and pvp before attempting an expert level dungeon. Gear doesn’t make the player but it certainly does help.

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