Fero’s Rift Strategy Guide Review

When I first opened Feros Rift Strategy Guide I thought I’m reading Killerguides. The layout is very similar, but I soon noticed the contents are not. And the contents are all that matters anyway.

Fero’s Guide is out for about a week now and I was waiting a bit with this review as I thought it’ll get some much needed updates in the meantime but unfortunately it seems the author is busy with other things. Much like Rift Blueprint, Fero’s guide is not entirely bad, but the info within is just not enough to make it stand out from the competition.

It has a lot of beginners guides: factions, rifts, souls, auction house, equipment, PvP, dungeons and a leveling guide. Pretty much the only unique content it has is about souls where it includes links to recommended builds, but it’s just not enough. The “leveling guide” is half a page long and won’t really help you with anything. Dungeon guides are useful but can also be found in other guides with more details, and with a better layout as well.

I’d much rather if I got a better guide for the $29,99 I paid for this, but at least I’ll save you from buying it. Rift Blueprint is better than Fero’s guide and I only rated it 3/5. Now go ahead and get Xerxes guide which is 5/5 and won’t disappoint you, because Fero’s Strategy Guide certainly will.

Fero’s Rift Strategy Guide

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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