warlord_mmorpg_3A Warlord’s commanding presence expresses itself in auras that inspire her comrades to victory and cow her enemies into submission, allowing her to control the field of battle.

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Warlords can draw upon vast tactical experience, empowering their allies and weakening their enemies to change the course of battle.


The Warlord’s focus on enhancing the capabilities of her allies leaves her vulnerable when isolated from friendly ranks.

Warlord History

Numbered among the greatest generals in Telara’s history is Börte, daughter of the Shalastir leader Bahmi—for whom all Telara’s Shalastir are named. Her greatest triumph among many was breaking the Storm Legion’s hold over Iron Pine Peaks. Though outnumbered four-to-one, she marched a mixed force of Telarans to overtake Crucia’s stronghold.

When the Telarans saw the enormous horde arrayed against them, the war-machines poised to spew death, and the elite Arbiters with their empty, compassionless faces, despair seeped into their souls. Crucia took the first few skirmishes through sheer numbers, and made an example of every captured Telaran’s slow death.

Hope was already fragile before infiltrators from the Storm Legion began whispering of relief through surrender. Their honeyed lies quickly took root in hearts weakened by terror and fatigue. Hearing groans of resignation, Börte rode before her army on the dawn of battle.

“Children of Telara! I see the fear in your eyes, cold as these icy peaks. Let your fury melt it away! Stand unbent before the forces of the Storm Queen, and laugh at them for assuming you would break!”

“Our despair is Crucia’s strength, so she wants to break us, to see us submit. But in standing against her now, we have already won! We are girded against her victory by our unbroken spirits. We stand next to each other, emboldened by hope: hope that our children will fear no planar whelp, and will only know of the Blood Storm as proof their ancestors were strong!”

She paused to pass her gaze over the assembled throng, watching backs straighten and eyes harden. “In a not-so-distant place, my father led the Shalastir to drive Crucia back! Today, I bid you do the same! Hold fast to this world! Rip Telara from Crucia’s claws and break her fingers so she cannot grasp at us again! Ride, my brothers! Fight, my sisters! CRUSH THEM!”

The Telarans roared their triumph, driven forth with the fury of lions. Börte’s words shielded them and bolstered their attacks, healed their wounds, and kept Crucia from controlling their minds. She led from the thick of the battle, manipulating allies and enemies alike with auras of inspiration and intimidation. As her main force tied down the brunt of the Legion, strike units took out their fortifications before crushing their flank.

That day, the Telarans seized victory, imprisoned Crucia, and entombed her forces in ice. Börte’s tactics would be studied for generations to come, but only Warlords of her tradition understood that it was inspiration, not mere strategy, that shattered the storm that day.


Branch Advancement

Name Description
Powerful Countenance Increases Armor by 2/4/6/8/10%.
Intimidating When struck in melee combat, attacker’s melee damage is reduced by 1/2/3/4/5% for 6 seconds.
Call to Arms Increase the Physical damage of all raid and party members, and reduce threat they generate for 12 seconds:
1 Point: +2% Physical damage.
2 Points: +4% Physical damage.
3 Points: +6% Physical damage.
Enhanced Dodge Increases Dodge chance by 1/2/3/4/5%.
Defensive Experience Increases Block chance by 1/2/3/4/5%
Weapon Blow Strike the enemy’s weapon, disarming them for 5 seconds.
Improved Weapon Blow Disarming a target reduces their Parry, Dodge and Block chance by 5%.
Requires: Weapon Blow, Rank 1
Dramatic Presence Increases the effects of Aspects by 10/20/30/40/50%.
Battlefield Domination Distraction ranges are increased to 9/?/? meters.
That Which Doesn’t Kill Me After being the victim of a critical hit, you heal 5% of the damage done.
Call to Focus Fire The Warrior’s battle cry increases the spell damage of all raid and party members, and reduces threat they generate for 12 seconds:
1 Point: +2% spell damage.
2 Point: +4% spell damage.
3 Points: +6% spell damage.
Imposing Active Distractions cause melee attacks made by the Warrior to generate additional threat, in addition to incoming attacks generating threat against the attacker. Lasts 1 hour.
Figurehead Increase healing taken by 5/10/15%.
No Permission to Die When a blow would kill the targeted raid member, they are instead healed to 50% of their maximum health. Can only be active on one ally at a time. Lasts 30 seconds.
Commanding Presence Increases duration of all Order and Call spells by 5/10 seconds.
Untenable Position Any target hit by Pin Target, Locked Down, and Killing Field has their chance to hit reduced by 15/30% for 6 seconds.
Rapid Recovery Increases health regeneration rate by 40/?/?%.
Requires: No Permission to Die, Rank 1
Call to Aid Increase the healing ability of all raid and party members, and reduce threat they generate for 12 seconds:
1 Point: +3% healing
2 Points: +6% healing
3 Points: +9% healing
Rallying Call Increase the health and resistances of all raid and party members for 15 seconds. Affected allies heal the amount [sic] their health increased over 15 seconds:
1 Point: +10% health and +15 resists.
2 Points: +25% health and +30 resists.
3 Points: +50% health and +45 resists.

Root Advancement

Name Description
Battlefield Distraction Distract nearby enemies in combat reducing their chance to hit by 5%.
Leader’s Mark A controlled melee attack that deals weapon plus 7 to 8 Physical damage, in addition to increasing the damage of melee attacks done to this target by 5% for 15 seconds. Generates additional threat. This ability grants 1 Attack Point.
Requires: Melee Weapon
Spotter’s Order Calls out the weak points on the target, increasing the damage they take from all attacks for 6 seconds:
1 Point: +2 damage; +1 damage over time effects.
2 Points: +3 damage, +2 to damage over time effects.
3 Points: +5 damage, +3 to damage over time effects.
Requires: Melee Weapon
Empowering Strike The Warrior strikes at their target to gain better position, dealing 8 to 10 Physical damage in addition to buffing their own armor by 63 for 15 seconds. This ability grants 1 Attack Point.
Requires: Melee Weapon
Aspect of the Fallen Hero Take on the Aspect of the Fallen Hero, granting all party members a bonus of 5 to Endurance.
Sergeant’s Command Challenge the target, drawing them in and forcing them to attack the warrior for 3 seconds.
Pin Target Press the attack, dealing weapon plus 25 to 27 Physical damage, and rooting the target in place for up to 8 seconds. Generates additional threat. This ability grants 1 Attack Point.
Cracking Skulls Quick attack that deals weapon plus 9 to 10 Physical damage to all nearby enemies. Affected enemies are forced to attack the Warrior for 3 seconds.
Commander’s Order Enhance the damage or healing of the ally’s next ability, and reduces threat they generate for 15 seconds:
1 Point: +5% damage or healing.
2 Points: +10 damage or healing.
3 Points: +15% damage or healing.
Aspect of the Elements Take on the Aspect of the Elements, granting all party or raid members a bonus of 50 to Fire, Earth, Air, and Water resists.
Cutting Distraction Get in the way of nearby enemies, causing them to take 5% extra damage from melee attacks.
Promise of Steel Lash out at all enemies in front of the Warrior, dealing weapon plus 55 to 59 Physical damage. Generates additional threat. This ability grants 1 Attack Point.
Locked Down The Warrior deals weapon plus Physical damage to all enemies in range, their presence and tactics force those affected to be rooted in place for up to 8 seconds:
1 Point: 100% of Weapon plus 41 damage.
2 Points: 120% of Weapon plus 41 damage.
3 Points: 140% of Weapon plus 41 damage.
Aspect of the Rifts Take on the Aspect of the Rifts, reducing Magic damage done to party members by 10%. Lasts 1 hour.
Planar Distraction Get in the way of nearby enemies, causing their casting time to increase by 20%.
Killing Field Strike each nearby enemy for weapon plus Physical damage every 2 seconds for the next 12 seconds. Generates additional threat:
1 Point: 100% of weapon plus 118 damage.
2 Points: 100% of weapon plus 206 damage.
3 Points: 100% of weapon plus 294 damage.
Requires: Melee Weapon

Gameplay Video


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