Vindicator is a PvP warrior class in Rift.

Each faction’s leaders desired a Soul to stand on the front line while all others might fall back or flee. This is the Vindicator, a warrior of mighty strength and indomitable will. An unrestrained master of arms, he leads the charge and wards off blows aimed at himself and his allies. Trying to stop him is like trying to stop a boulder rolling down a mountain; you will only end up crushed beneath his charge. When the battlefield is soaked in blood and the dying plead for mercy over the cries of carrion birds, it is the Vindicator who stands on wounded legs and bellows, “Is that the best you can do?!”

  1. Gameplay
  2. Mechanics
  3. History
  4. Abilities
    1. Branch Advancement
    2. Root Advancement
  5. Gameplay Video
  6. Screenshots


Branch Advancement

Name Description
Advantage Whenever you block a player, raid members get 1% critical rating.
Dangerous Game Physical damage against players increased by 2%
Improved Guard Increases amount of damage transferred with Guard by 5%

(Requires Advantage Rank 5)

Forced Recon Attacks initiated behind players have a 5% chance to slow their movement by 30% for 8 seconds

(Requires Dangerous Game Rank 5)

Subdue Your taunts reduce damage by 20% against targets other than yourself

(Requires Improved Guard Rank 5)

Stand Off The Warrior roots themselves and their enemy in place for the next 5 seconds. This ability can not be blocked or broken.

(Requires Subdue Rank 3)

Resilient Reduces the chance to be critically hit by players by 10%.

(Requires Forced Recon Rank 5)

Unrestrained Charges an enemy dealing 58-62 Damage, in addition to rooting them for 2 seconds. This ability can only be used while under the effects of a stun, snare, or root.

(Requires Resilient Rank 2)

The Art of Defense You can block without having a shield equipped.

(Requires Stand Off Rank 1)

Improved Trauma Increases the amount of healing reduced by 10%.

(Requires Subdue Rank 3)

Improved Break Free Reduces the reuse time of Break Free by 1 minute.

(Requires Resilient Rank 2)

Master of Arms Duration of disarm effects is reduced by 25%.

(Requires Unrestrained Rank 1)

Strength of Will Increased amount of damage absorbed when blocking players by 5%.

(Requires The Art of Defense Rank 1)

Berserker Defense Increased armor by 5% every time you receive a critical hit. This increased armor only affects attacks from players

(Requires Improved Trauma Rank 2)

Tactical Strike Each time you attack a player, you have a 5% chance to apply Focused Strikes, increasing the damage of all your attacks against the enemy by 10% for 15 seconds.

(Requires Improved Break Free Rank 3)

Furious Blades 3% chance that each time you Parry, Dodge or Block an attack you will get a weapon swing against the attacker.

(Requires Master of Arms Rank 2)

Phalanx Reduces damage taken by everyone in your group by 50%

(Requires Strength of Will Rank 5)

Second Wind The Warrior heals themselves:

1 Point: 250 Health. 2 Points: 600 Health. 3 Points: 800 Health. (Requires Berserker Defense Rank 5)

Aura of Vengeful Wrath While active, when a nearby party member is struck in combat the Warrior gains a 2% increase in Attack Power for 6 seconds per application, up to 10 applications.

(Requires Tactical Strike Rank 5)

Unstoppable Force The Warrior breaks free from and becomes immune to all Snare and Root effects for 10 Seconds

(Requires Furious Blades Rank 5)

Root Advancement

Name Description
Break Free Removes all crowd control and movement impairing effects. Does not trigger a global cooldown.
Guard 25% of target’s damage is intercepted by the Warrior. This ability is not affected by the global cooldown.
Thunderous Leap Leaps into a group of enemies, dealing 77 to 77 physical damage, in addition to stunning enemies within 5 meters for 1 second.
Trauma Mark the enemy, reducing healing received by 30% for 15 seconds.
Hold the Line Increases the Dodge, Block and Parry of all nearby allies by 10% for 30 seconds.

Gameplay Video


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