Riftblades are Warriors who learn to enhance their attacks with elemental magic, allowing them to cast bolts of force across the battlefield and strike with boundless energies.

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Able to shoot lances of fire, stone, and wind at enemies, Riftblades possess stronger ranged capabilities than other Warriors. Furthermore, much of their damage is elemental, cutting through armor as if it were flesh.


Offensive specialists, Riftblades do not focus much of their discipline on protecting themselves and are vulnerable to concerted attacks. Their magical damage, while devastating against physical defenses, is just as weak as any magic against the appropriate resistances.

Riftblade History

Nazim Kalfani was born to a wealthy family of Eth traders, but as the third son he had few prospects. The clan did lack for mages, so his father sent him off to the far north to study at Quicksilver College with the elves. Nazim enjoyed learning about elemental theory, but the endless hours preparing alchemy and perfecting incantations drove him to distraction. He took his tuition money and left for Iron Pine Peak, to train in the ways of the sword with famed Mathosian warriors.

Swordsmanship suited Nazim better, for he was strong and quick, but ultimately he quarreled with master after master. They were purists who believed in the discipline of form. Nazim liked to mix things up, changing weapons and styles, even casting a few cantrips to throw opponents off-balance. Such unorthodox tactics were frowned upon by the stoic Mathosian knights.

Nazim wandered Telara, sometimes as a blade for hire, sometimes as a hedge magician, seeking his place and purpose. He finally ended up in the Droughtlands as a mercenary. Practicing his swordsmanship one day under an ancient Eth lantern, Nazim noticed how it generated light by using a steel rod to hold open a portal to the planes. Experimenting with his sword, Nazim tried to develop a martial stance that punctured reality at the same angle. At last, with a concussive thunderclap, Nazim found himself teleported a short distance away.

With practice, Nazim found he could control the magical forces he brought forth from the planes. He learned how to hurl elemental spears, and to wreathe himself and his weapon in primal fury. His new martial style caught his opponents off-guard. Were they fighting a warrior or a mage? Should they keep their distance or close in? Nazim could summon energies for every situation. He became known as Nazim the Riftblade, and carved himself a small Caliphate in Shimmersand.


Branch Advancement

Name Description
Elemental Deflection While a blade spell is active, parry is increased by 1/2/3/4/5%.
Elemental Flux Blade spells gain a 3/6/9/12/15% chance to trigger their effects on normal hits.
Freeze armor The enemy’s armor freezes, snaring them for 50% movement speed. Lasts 15 seconds.
Burning Blood When you are struck by a critical hit in melee combat, your fiery blood deals 15/30/45% of the damage taken back to the attacker as Fire Damage.
Rift fury Increases the critical hit damage of all non Physical effects by 7/14/21%.
Surging Energy The Power cost of your next Attack Point generating ability is reduced by 25/50% whenever you deal critical hit.
Improved Freeze Armor Enemies affected by Freeze Armor take 10/20% additional damage from Fire effects.
Requires Freeze Armor Rank 1
Earth Burst The next attack ability causes an earthquake dealing Earth damage to 3 enemies, in addition to interrupting casting and snaring them for 12 seconds. Lasts 15 seconds. This ability is not affected by the global cooldown:
1 Point: 41 damage.
2 Points: 71 damage.
3 Points: 103 damage.
Static Shock When damaging attack abilities miss, are parried, or dodged you have a 5/10/15/20/25% chance to shock your enemy for half of your weapon damage.
Improved Fork Fork now hits an additional target.
Elemental Caress Reduce threat generated by elemental damage effects by 25/50%.
Improved Avatar The benefits gained from Avatar abilities are increased by 15/30%.
Rift Surge Wrap an enemy in rift energy, causing them to take Air damage when they cast a spell or use an ability for the next 15 seconds:
1 Point: 1 Spell, 29 damage.
2 Points: 3 Spells, 51 damage.
3 Points: 5 Spells, 73 damage.
Elemental Touch Your ability attacks have a 33/66/100% chance to deal an additional 10% of the damage done as Air damage.
Riftwalk Planes Shift to an enemy, the disruption of rift energy roots them for 2 seconds. Breaks all roots, snares, stuns, mesmerizes, and incapacitates. This ability grants 1 Attack Point.
Unrelenting Reduces the cooldown on Stonespear and Windspear by 5/10/15 seconds.
Elemental Blade Increases the damage done by Elemental Touch to 20/30%.
Requires Elemental Touch Rank 3
Improved Riftwalk Riftwalk cooldown reduced by 10/20 seconds.
Requires Riftwalk Rank 1
Planar Blade The Warrior’s weapon is sheathed in planar energy. Melee critical hits refresh cooldown on Riftwalk and Rift Summon. Only 1 blade spell can be active at a time. Lasts 1 hour.
Enhanced Burst Hitting with a Burst ability increases the damage you do to the target by 4/8/12/16/20% for 2 seconds per attack point used by the burst.
Rift Storm The Warrior becomes surrounded by a field of unstable rift energy, causing Air damage to nearby enemies every second:
1 Point: 86 damage over the next 3 seconds.
2 Points: 152 damage over the next 5 seconds.
3 Points: 218 damage over the next 10 seconds.

Root Advancement

Name Description
Storm Blade Electricity surges through the Warrior’s weapon. Melee ability critical hits deal 100% of the damage done as Air damage over the next 6 seconds. Only 1 blade spell can be active at a time. Lasts 1 hour.
Searing Strike A melee attack that deals weapon plus 10 to 12 Fire damage. This ability grants 1 Attack Point.
Requires Melee Weapon
Fiery Burst The Warrior’s weapon erupts in flames, dealing extra Fire damage on the next attack ability. Lasts 15 seconds. This ability is not affected by the global cooldown:
1 Point: 17 damage.
2 Points: 29 damage.
3 Points: 42 damage.
Flamespear Hurls a lance of flame at the target, causing 23 to 25 Fire damage and an additional 30 Fire damage over 10 seconds. This ability grants 1 Attack Point.
Fork The next Spear spell cast within 15 seconds hits 2 targets instead of 1. This ability is not affected by the global cooldown.
Avatar of Wind Power from the plane of Air fills the Warrior, increasing Dodge by 5% and movement speed by 10%. Only 1 Avatar spell can be active at a time. Lasts 1 hour.
Stoneshield A large chunk of stone places itself in the way of enemy attacks, forcing the next attack to miss the Warrior. Lasts 6 seconds. This ability is not affected by the global cooldown.
Thunder Strike A powerful strike that discharges lightning, dealing weapon plus 17 to 19 Physical damage, in addition to dealing 45 to 48 Air damage to 2 adjacent enemies. This ability grants 1 Attack Point.
Stonespear Throw a spear of stone at an enemy, causing 55 to 58 Earth damage and rooting them for 5 seconds. This ability grants 1 Attack Point.
Frost Strike Strike an enemy with an icy weapon, dealing weapon plus 26 to 28 Physical damage, in addition to chilling the target for 15 seconds. Chilled targets take an additional 10% damage from the next Thunder Strike or Searing Strike that hits them. This ability grants 1 Attack Point.
Avatar of Water Power from the plane of water fills the Warrior, reducing all damage by 5%. Only 1 Avatar spell can be active at a time. Lasts 1 hour.
Storm Burst The next attack ability causes chains of lightning to hit additional targets for Air damage. Lasts 15 seconds. This ability is not affected by the global cooldown:
1 Point: 3 additional targets, 76 damage.
2 Points: 5 additional targets, 134 damage.
3 Points: 7 additional targets, 191 damage.
Windspear Throw a spear of air at the target, causing 98 to 103 Air damage and silencing them for 5 seconds. This ability grants 1 Attack Point.
Avatar of Fire Power from the plane of fire fills the Warrior, enhancing all attacks with an additional 18 Fire damage. Only 1 Avatar spell can be active at a time. Lasts 1 hour.
Blade of Elemental Affinity The Warrior’s weapon is infused with elemental energy. Melee critical hits cause Warrior to heal 25% of damage done. Only 1 Blade spell can be active at a time. Lasts 1 hour.
Avatar of the Rift Raw rift energy fills the Warrior, reducing Physical damage taken by 10%, enhancing elemental damage by 10% and causing any melee attacker to take 27 Air damage. Only 1 Avatar spell can be active at a time. Lasts 1 hour.

Gameplay Video


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