Marksmen are offensive sharpshooters trained to thin enemy ranks with ruthless efficiency. They combine swift hit-and-run attacks with devastating volleys, endlessly harassing targets, sowing the battlefield with dead and crippled foes.

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Marksmen are experts at hit-and-run tactics, surgically dismantling targets from a safe distance, then sprinting away before the enraged victims can close for melee.


The Marksman keeps foes at bay for a reason. The key to defeating a Marksman is reducing their mobility, exposing them to devastating melee counterattacks.


Gameplay Video


The Storm Legion captain strode before the assembled villagers, who stood unmoving in a line. “In joining the Storm Queen’s army,” he called out, “you have joined with Crucia herself. You will follow no will but the Dragon’s until the day you die. Now, it is time to cut ties.”

He gestured, and his soldiers distributed shovels among the villagers. With empty eyes, they approached the corpses littering the village streets, bodies of friends and family who had not submitted soon enough.

Just over a rise, the sole survivor of the slaughter of Whitefall huddled behind a rock. Though her fingers shook with the cold, she guided the bullets into the barrel of her gun.

One of the digging villagers fell, too weak to work, though he struggled to rise with the mindless determination of an ant with a broken back.

“You,” said the captain to another villager. “Crucia spares no love for weaklings. Bury him with the others.”

The helpless executioner stepped forward, raising his shovel. Before the stroke fell, someone blasted the shovel from his hand.

“Marksman!” the captain barked in warning.

The soldiers rushed up the rise. A slender young woman in naught but a nightgown stepped from behind a rock, rifle against her shoulder, eyes frosted over with hate. An arc of lightning propelled her first bullet to spear through the foremost soldier and lodge in the second. The second round followed right at its tail, hitting a third soldier with such thundering force that he sailed back fifteen yards.

One legionary surged forward, but before he could swing his sword, she leveled the muzzle at his chest, blasting him across the snow. By now the bulk of the group had caught up, but she leapt backwards further than human legs should have carried her, landing twenty yards away and resuming fire. Her target crumbled, and the force of her shot bowled his companions over.

An edge entered the captain’s voice as he urged his forces on. The Legion mages strove to get within range of the shooter, but her gun’s incredible reach kept them at bay. One sorcerer finally reached striking distance, stunning the girl with a concussive bolt. For but a moment, she wobbled on her feet, then shook it off like a mild headache, and ran with unnatural speed through the snow. She picked off the mage with a blast over her shoulder, then turned her rifle on the captain.

Scrambling back in terror, the captain called the mindless villagers to screen him, but the girl found him amidst the crowd.

“This is for Whitefall,” said the girl, and though her voice and face were calm, none would have mistaken her cold fury for the void of Crucia’s puppets.

Tales say you can still hear the shot that killed the captain ring out on cold nights in Whitefall. The rest of the battalion fled from the unerring sniper. Nothing could be done for the villagers, so the Marksman Gisa Malik buried her people in the frigid earth, and stole away into Iron Pine to become a legend of the Age of Dragons.


Branch Skills

Name Description
Keen Eye Increases the range of your ranged weapon attacks by 1 meter.
Singled Minded Focus Increases the damage of your Swift Shot, Hasted Shot, Empowered Shot, Deadeye Shot and Rapid Fire Shot by 2%.
Increased Fire Power Your Critical Hits with ranged weapons increases your Attack Power by 5% for 10 seconds.
Repelling Shot A point blank shot that deals weapon damage and knocks back the target by 15 meters. Requires Ranged Weapon. (Cooldown: 30 seconds)
Sharpshooter Increases your Hit chance with ranged weapons by 1%.
Improved Swift Shot Your Swift Shot increases your movement speed by an additional 1%.
Hasty Departure Whenever you are attacked by an enemy, your movement speed is increased by 2% for 10 seconds. Can be applied up to 5 times.
On the Double Increases movement speed by 70% for 5 seconds.
Penetrating Shots Your Physical attacks with ranged weapons ignore 4% of your target’s armour.
Master Archer Your attacks with ranged weapons have a 10% chance of recovering 4 Energy.
Improved Repelling Shot Repelling Shot knocks back 1 additional enemy within 5 meters of the main target. Requires Repelling Shot Rank 1.
Getaway Your On the Double removes Roots and Snares and makes you immune to these effects. Requires On the Double Rank 1.
Sniper Training Reduces the enemy’s chance of parrying or dodging your Marksman abilities by 1%.
Close Quarters Combat All ranged attacks can be used at melee range for 15 seconds. (Cooldown: 1 minute)
Killer Instinct Increases the Critical Hit chance of your Empowered Shot and Deadeye Shot by 5%.
Collateral Damage Your Fan Out, Lightning Fury and Crossfire affect 1 additional enemy.
Rapid Extrication Reduces the cooldown of your On the Double, Hit and Run and Retreat by 15%
Crossfire Fires a multitude of projects, dealing weapon plus 211 to 216 Air damage over 4 seconds to 3 enemies including the main target. Affected enemies are knocked back if they are within 10 meters. This ability allows movement while channeling. (Cooldown: 1 minute)
Strafe The Rogue strafes the target, dealing weapon plus 361 to 367 Physical damage over 4 seconds. While strafing, the Rogue is immune to Stuns, Roots and Snares, and gains an additional Combo Point per second. This ability allows movement while channeling. (Cooldown: 1 minute)

Root Skills

Name Description
Swift Shot A ranged attack that deals weapon plus to to 7 Physical damage and increases movement speed by 3% for 10 seconds. This effect stacks up to 5 times. Using any Finisher removes the effect. Awards 1 Combo Point. Requires Ranged Weapon
Hasted Shot A ranged Finished that deals weapon plus Physical damage and increases movement speed by 30%. Duration is increased with more Combo Points. Energy cost is reduced with more Combo Points. Damage bonus from Attack Power is increased with more Combo Points. Requires Ranged Weapon.
1 Point: 7 damage, 3 seconds
2 Points: 12 damage, 6 seconds
3 Points: 16 damage, 9 seconds
4 Points: 19 damage, 12 seconds
5 Points: 24 damage, 15 seconds
Empowered Shot A powerful ranged attack that deals weapon plus 33 to 35 Physical damage. Awards 2 Combo Points. Requires Ranged Weapon.
Deadeye Shot A deadly ranged Finished that deals weapon plus Physical damage. Energy cost is reduced with more Combo Points. Damage bonus from Attack Power is increased with more Combo Points. Requires Ranged Weapon.
1 Point: 30 damage
2 Points: 49 damage
3 Points: 69 damage
4 Points: 79 damage
5 Points: 98 damage
Fan Out A ranged attack that deals weapon plus 15 to 17 Air damage to 3 enemies including the main target.
Forked Lightning Strikes the enemy and up to 4 enemies within 7 meters with bolts of lightning, dealing 17 to 20 Air damage and causing affected enemies to be Electrified. The Electrified effect stacks up to 3 times. (+9 Charge)
Rapid Fire Shot A ranged Finished that deals weapon plus Physical damage and increases ranged attack speed by 30%. Duration is increased with more Combo Points. Energy cost is reduced with more Combo Points. Damage bonus from Attack Power is increased with more Combo Points. Requires Ranged Weapon.
1 Point: 16 damage, 7 seconds
2 Points: 26 damage, 12 seconds
3 Points: 36 damage, 18 seconds
4 Points: 42 damage, 24 seconds
5 Points: 52 damage, 30 seconds
Hit and Run A manoeuvre that allows the execute of ranged Auto Attacks while moving, cases Empowered Shot and Deadeye Shot to become instant cast and causes Empowered Shot to have no cooldown. Lasts 15 seconds. (Cooldown: 2 minutes)
Barbed Shot A painful ranged attack that deals weapon plus 12 to 15 Physical damage and an addition 20 Physical damage every second the enemy moves. Lasts 6 seconds. Awards 1 Combo Point. Requires Ranged Weapon.
Marksman’s Pedestal Creates a pedestal at the Rogue’s location for 3 minutes. The pedestal increases the Rogue’s damage with ranged weapons by 10%
Lightning Fury The Rogue fires lightning charged projects to 3 enemies including the main target, dealing weapon plus 71 to 75 Air damage. Affected enemies become vulnerable, increasing damage taken by 10% for 10 seconds. Requires Ranged Weapon. (Cooldown: 10 seconds)
Bull’s Eye Causes the outcome of the next Marksman’s damaging ability to be a Critical hit. (Cooldown: 2 minutes)
Quick Reload Resets the cooldown of all Marksman abilities. (Cooldown: 3 minutes)
Controlled Fire Reduces the cost of all Marksman abilities by 50% for 15 seconds. (Cooldown: 2 minutes)
Fire and Forget The Rogue’s ranged Auto Attacks add a Combo Point to their current enemy target for the next 15 seconds. (Cooldown: 2 minutes)
Retreat The Rogue instantly leaps back 20 meters. (Cooldown: 1 minute)


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