The history of martial combat stretches back to the earliest days of Telara, when war was a brutal, messy, simple affair. This, as any Rogue will tell you, was the heyday of the Warrior. Their own tradition began much later, after people learned to fight with their minds as well as their muscles.

The arts of the Rogue are handed down by many different masters, each of whom developed unique forms and techniques. All Rogues are sophisticated combatants and dynamic thinkers, who utilize every available tool to skew the battlefield to their advantage. In the cities, Rogues learned to use shadow and cover to catch their targets unaware. Other Rogues learned the secrets of the wild, taming savage beasts and brewing poisons from the flora. Still others gained mastery over the arcane to enhance their weapons and attacks.

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Rogues are most at home skulking around the edges of battle, waiting for the perfect moment to strike with overwhelming force and minimal chance of counterstrike. They excel at tasks requiring a quick mind and quicker blade, such as dueling, scouting, and assassination. Not all Rogues live in the shadows. Many are simply loners, at home on the edges of society, mastering the arts of hunting and animal husbandry to survive.

An expert at hit-and-run tactics, a Rogue relies on quick bursts of energy to fuel dazzling combination attacks that cripple and maim, leaving opponents open for lethal finishing maneuvers.


Rogues prefer simple leather armor, leaving them unencumbered to move stealthily and make swift escapes. In close combat, a Rogue wields a light-weight sword or dagger in each hand. Never the sort to give up an advantage, many Rogues have also mastered the art of ranged combat with bows and firearms.


Like the warrior a rogue uses energy. Although instead of action points the rogue uses combo points. These stack up to 5 times on a target. Which means combo points store on the target, and once the target dies those combo points will disappear. The combo points will also reset if you switch target. Certain abilities will build up combo points when used on the target while others will consume them. The efficiency of the abilities that consume combo points depends on how many combo points have been stacked on the target. Using a finishing move with 5 combo points stacked will be better than using a finishing move with only 2 stacked.


Rogues that want to be a DPS(Damage Per Second) would use Dexterity as their main attribute. The key for Dexterity is as follows:

    • 1 point Dexterity = 0.5 points to Physical Critical
    • 1 point Dexterity = 1 point to Dodge
    • 1 point Dexterity = 0.4 points to Parry

The next attribute a DPS Rogue may find handy is Strength, key is as follows:

    • 1 point Strength = 1 point to Attack Power
    • 1 point Strength = 1 point to Block
    • 1 point Strength = 1.5 points to Parry
    • 1 point Strength = 0.4 points to Physical Critical



Rogue Assassin
Melee DPS
Buffs & DPS
Blade Dancer
Melee DPS
Ranged DPS
Night Blade
Melee DPS
Melee & Ranged DPS
Rift Stalker
Melee Tanking
Melee & Ranged DPS

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