Pyromancers are destructive mages whose sole focus is the mastery of fire, from launching massive incinerating blasts, to trapping their opponents behind a smoldering wall of flame. No other Ascended can match the sheer destruction at the Pyromancer’s fingertips.

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Pyromancers keep their enemies at bay with well-placed fire spells, until they can be immolated at the Pyromancer’s leisure.


Pyromancers excel at roasting their enemies from afar, and so must be wary of foes able to charge into melee quickly or defend themselves against searing flames.


The Pyromancer is primarily a single-target damage dealer with potentially devastating burst damage. What they lack in defense, they make up for with their area-of-effect crowd control spells.

Gameplay Video


“Stay here. Those tricks the Elves taught you won’t frighten the Storm Legion.” Phynnious Rothmann’s brother said, laughing.

Imbecile, Phynnious thought, watching his fellow tribesmen ride to battle. My tricks frightened even my teachers!

Sickly son of a Mathosian chieftan, Phynnious Rothmann was sent to study magic with the Elves — less to bring the arcane arts to his people than to stay out from under stomping, booted feet. But the Elves sent him home early: not because his research into fire magic nearly burned their sacred grove to the ground, but because the urgency of human youth made them uncomfortable.

Rothmann trudged over to the edge of the cliff to watch as slowly, the valor of the united tribesmen overcame the mindless discipline of Crucia’s Storm Legion. Suddenly, an electric blast erupted in the middle of the battlefield. Whether thanks to lightning or terror, the hair on the back of Phynnious’s neck stood up and he whispered, “Stormtouched.”

Crucia herself, dragon of storms, had possessed the Legion’s commander. Phynnious knew she could bring to bear superhuman tactics and storm magic that would eradicate every northman in that valley. He knew this even as he rode to the battlefield, quick as a midsummer fire through dry scrub. Leaping off his horse, Phynnious turned into a streak of flame and flashed toward the front line just as the Mathosians quavered on the edge of disaster.

Standing on the front line, Rothmann conjured exploding fissures of magma, completing in mere seconds an incantation that took his Elf tutors minutes. White-hot flame lanced from his fingers, sending charred chunks of Legionaries flying in all directions. The Storm Legion’s rally became a rout.

An arrow slammed into Rothmann’s shoulder, jarring him into a state of sharp focus. The possessed Storm Legion leader advanced, aiming his second arrow at the mage’s heart. Phynnious screamed at his assailant, exhaling waves of flame that burned the bow away. The general drew his sword and charged through the flames. Two steps from Phynnious he stopped, a statue of solid ash.

Phynnious’s laughter blew the ash away on the northern breeze, joined by with the roar of his clansmen as they ran down the fleeing Storm Legion, even as a voice hissed from the sky: “I will kill you, little mage.”

Years later, as Phynnious fixed the keystone to Crucia’s prison, he taunted, “Remember what you promised me?” and laughed again, breathy and crackling like a bonfire.


Branch Abilities

Name Description
Improved Fireball Increases your critical strike chance of your Fireball ability by 5/10/15%.
Ignition Decreases the cast time of your Fire spells by 4/8/12/16/20%.
Fiery Concentration Reduces the amount of pushback suffered while casting Fireball and Cinder Burst by 33/66/100%.
Combust Your Fireball spell has a 20% chance to ignite the enemy dealing an additional 10/20/30% of its damage over 8 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times.
Improved Smoldering Power Increases the mana cost reduction provided by your Smoldering Power by 5/10/15/20/25% , and allows Smoldering Power to be cast in combat. If cast in combat, Smoldering Power will not be castable again for 3 minutes/2 minutes 30 seconds/?/?/?, or until combat ends.
Burning Bonds Roots the enemy in place for up to 8 seconds. Damage caused will break the effect.
Improved Burning Bonds Reduces the cast time of your Burning Bonds spell by 50/100%.
Requires Burning Bonds Rank 1
Fiery Resolve Reduces the duration of hostile stuns and silences cast on you by 10/20/30%.
Flicker Frees the caster from immobilizing, and other crowd control type, effects and teleports them 15 meters forward.
Improved Grounding Increases mana regeneration rate by 33/66/100% while you are standing in one of your ground effects.
Improved Flame Bolt Your Flame Bolt spell has a 33/66/100% chance on hit to increase your fire damage by 10% for 10 seconds.
Burning Bright Increases your Fire damage by 8/16/24% and reduces your maximum health by 5%.
Fire Storm A conflagration erupts at the selected area burning all enemies within, causing 272 Fire damage over 10 seconds. +50 Charge
Wildfire Your Fireball casts have a 10/20/30% chance to reset and reduce the cooldown of your next 3 Flame Bolt to 0 seconds.
Requires Improved Flame Bolt Rank 3
Unbreakable Bonds Your Burning Bonds spell no longer breaks on damage.
Requires Improved Burning Bonds Rank 2
Pyromancer’s Armor Shields the Mage for 1 hour, giving their damaging Fire spells a 10% chance to reset the cooldown of their Cinder Burst ability and reduce the cast time of their next Cinder Burst by 100%. Only 1 Armor may be active at a time.
Fire Shield After being hit you have a 10/20/30% chance to receive a shield that absorbs damage up to the value of 15% of your maximum health for the next 10 seconds. This effect can occur once every 30 seconds.
Improved Ground of Power Decreases the additional damage you take while standing in your Ground of Power by 2/4/6/8/10%. Increases the additional damage you deal while standing in your Ground of Power by 1/2/3/4/5%.
Backdraft Blasts the selected area with a powerful attack, causing 90 to 90 damage and stunning all enemies within for 2 seconds. +10 Charge.
Requires Fire Storm Rank 1
Heat Wave Resets the cooldown of the Mage’s Fire spells, reduces their casting time by 50% and reduces the global cooldown of all spells by 0.5 seconds for 15 seconds. Does not trigger a global cooldown when cast.

Root Abilities

Name Description
Fireball Hurls a ball of fire at the enemy, causing 61 to 64 Fire damage.
Flame Bolt Blasts the enemy with a fiery attack, causing 51 to 54 Fire damage.
Flame Jet Smothers all enemies in front of the caster with flames, causing 42 to 45 Fire damage.
Fire Armor Surrounds the Mage with powerful forces, increasing the Fire damage they deal by 5% for 1 hour. Only 1 Armor may be active at a time.
Smoldering Power Consumes up to 80 Charge to store a reserve of the Mage’s power, applying a stack of Smoldering Power for every 10 Charge consumed. Smoldering Power reduces the mana cost of the Mage’s next Fire spell by 70%. Max 8 stacks. Cannot be cast in combat. Lasts for 3 minutes.
Ground of Power Places a temporary field at the caster’s location for 3 minutes. While the caster remains within the field, they deal 10% more Fire damage at the expense of taking 10% extra damage when hit. Only 1 Ground may be active a a time.
Burning Intellect The target’s mind burns with power, increasing their Intelligence by 10 for 1 hour.
Countdown Places a Fiery presence on the enemy, causing 83 Fire damage after 8 seconds.
Cinder Burst Hurls a powerful blast of fire at the enemy, causing 170 to 175 Fire damage.
Internalize Charge Increases all damage dealt by the Mage by 20%. Consumes Charge while active. Charge cannot be gained while active. Does not trigger a global cooldown.
Inferno Overwhelms an already weakened enemy with a devastating attack, causing 82 to 86 Fire damage. The enemy must have less than 30% of their health.
Burn Burns the enemy’s hands, disarming them for 5 seconds.
Flaring Intellect The minds of all group and raid members within 25 meters burn with power, increasing their Intelligence by 10 for 1 hour. Consumes a Glowing Extract when cast.
Flash Fire Violent energy rips through the caster and their target, stunning the caster for 2 seconds and the target for 5 seconds.
Withering Flames Channels flames on the enemy, applying a stack of Withering Flames each second. Each stack deals 112 Fire damage over 4 seconds. Consumes Charge while being channeled. Max 5 stacks.
Lockdown Snares all enemies in the selected area by 90% for 8 seconds. Increases all Fire damage received by the effected enemies by 5%.
Ground of Strength Places a temporary field at the Mage’s location for 3 minutes. While the Mage remains within the field, they take 30% less damage, are immune to crowd control effects and their damaging attacks have a 30% chance to stun the enemy. Only one Ground may be active at a time.
Mass Burn Burns the hands of all the enemies in the selected area rendering them unable to perform physical attacks, and increasing the damage they take from Fire spells by 15%, for the next 5 seconds.


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