Necromancers are damage dealers who synergize with their pets. The majority of a Necromancer’s damage comes from a fully supported and buffed pet. In an emergency, Necromancers can also serve as secondary healers by sacrificing their own health to their allies.

  1. Strengths
  2. Weaknesses
  3. History
  4. Abilities
    1. Branch Abilities
    2. Root Abilities
  5. Gameplay
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Together with their undead servitors, a Necromancer can inflict serious sustained damage and survive adversity better than most Mages. Using different minions, the Necromancer can handle various combat situations, and is as comfortable ending one life as he is covering a whole area with necrotic energy.


Since much of a Necromancer’s damage comes from their pet, they become vulnerable when caught on their own. These minions also require help from the Necromancer to reach peak performance, or they will do only a fraction of their potential damage.

Necromancer History

Corthana Wyvernjack helped her brother off the crypt floor, making concerned clucking noises as she brushed off his dented armor. William’s eyes narrowed at her.

“It was your plan to draw the high priest’s attention,” Corthana reminded him. “If you want to protect me, you have to accept the consequences.” Her brother seemed about to say something, but she shushed him, and fished for her needle to stitch his wounds closed.

William’s situation dated back to when he and Corthana had joined the crusade against the Endless, working on their own because Corthana’s magic made others suspicious.

They had great success until Corthana was taken prisoner by the Endless. Perhaps they sensed darkness in her, or simply recognized her cleverness, so they showed her their ritual of reanimation. It was needlessly complex, laden with invocations to Regulos that seemed integral to the magic, yet served no purpose besides turning the caster to evil. Corthana made a show of joining in, but dispensed with all mention of the Destroyer when practicing the art on her own.

Then one day, William, her headstrong Paladin of a brother, burst into the camp of the Endless to free her. Corthana did not hesitate. While he had the enemy’s attention, she cast a grave rot on the ground where the cultists stood, giving those who sought to corrupt her a taste of their own necromancy.

The subtle, pernicious Death-magics alone weren’t enough to overcome her enemies. But the zombies she raised from the ground fed upon the necrotic energies to empower their attacks.

She didn’t forget her brother. It was his foolhardy charge that had given her the distraction she needed to unleash death upon those who sought to cheat it. She knew that Mathosian courage often was the result of a good priest at your backside, and without healing, William would perish by a thousand cuts.

So she gave of herself, her blood, her very life, and sent it to her brother. When the burden became too much for her to bear, she drained essence from those cultists who bore her mark.

Fleeing for their lives, they met the high priest of Regulos, whose evil had earned him everlasting unlife. With a sneer, he aged William unto death with a bolt of dark magic. At first, Corthana felt only a chill calm. She gathered her power and took on the guise of a lich. In her avatar form, she summoned the ghosts of noble warriors who struck the high priest down and avenged her brother. She fell to the ground, human once more, and wept by William’s side.

Her brother never did learn to accept necromancy, but what Paladin could? And every time she stitched him back together, he gave her that cold look with his hollow eyes. It is said he guards her to this day, eternally vigilant lest any minions of Regulos attempt to corrupt her peaceful sleep.


Branch Abilities

Name Description
Death’s Ally Increases the damage of you and your pet’s Death based abilities by 1/2/3/4/5%.
Deadly Plague Gives your Plague Bolt a 20/40/60/80/100% chance to apply an additional stack of Deathly Calling.
Flesh Rot Increases the duration of your Necrosis by 2/4/6 seconds and increases its damage by 20/40/60%.
Fresh Graves Increases the damage your pet’s Soul Rend deals to enemies affected by Deathly Calling by 5/10/15/20/25% per stack. Your pet’s Grave Touch reduces the damage done to it by 2/4/6/8/10% for 10 seconds if the target is affected by Necrosis.
Consumption Saps beneficial energies from the enemy, removing a single buff effect and returning 5% of the Mage’s maximum mana. +9 Charge.
Symbiote Increases the healing you receive from Essence Link by 10/20/30/40/50%.
Grave Rot Corrupts the ground in the targeted area, dealing 37 Death damage to all enemies in the area over 6 seconds. Affected enemies receive a stack of Deathly Calling each time they are damaged. Max 5 stacks. +12 Charge.
Greater Consumption Increases the amount of mana returned by Consumption by 5/10%.
Requires Consumption Rank 1
Soul Purge Channels deadly energy into the enemy, inflicting 290 Death damage over 8 seconds and healing the caster and their pet for 605 health over 8 seconds. Consumes Charge while channeled.
Detonate Bones When your undead pet dies, it has a 33/?/?% chance to explode, stunning nearby enemies for 2/?/? seconds and dealing Death damage equal to 10/?/?% of the pet’s maximum health in damage.
Life Bane Increases the damage dealt by your undead pets by 10/20/30/40/50%.
Ancient Tomb Grants the Summon: Skeletal Zealot and Summon: Skeletal Knight abilities. These are the greater versions of the Skeletal Horror and Skeletal Stalwart.
Feign Death Causes the Mage to collapse as though slain for up to 1 hour, causing enemies to forget about them and despawning any pets the Mage may have.
Master Chirurgeon Increases the health of your undead pets by 10/20/30/40/50%.
Requires Life Bane Rank 5
Clattering Bones Your pet’s Soul Shatter now reduces the pet’s incoming damage by 2/4/6% per enemy hit. Improves the critical strike damage of your pet’s Blood Spike by 50/?/?% and increases the cooldown reduction by 0.5/?/? seconds.
Requires Ancient Tomb Rank 1
Vengeful Spirit Increases the number of stacks of Deathly Calling converted by your pet’s Blood Corruption by 1 and gives Blood Corruption a 33/?/?% to not consume stacks of Deathly Calling. Gives your pet’s Oblivion a 33/?/?% chance to interrupt spell casting when it hits enemies. Increases the critical hit chance of your pet’s Ruination by 33/?/?% if the enemy has Deathly Calling.
Empty the Crypts Calls for assistance from the fallen, summoning 5 uncontrolled Shambling Corpses to assist the Mage. Consumes Charge while active. Charge cannot be generated while active.
Lich Form Transforms the Mage into a powerful undead for 30 seconds, increasing their mana regeneration by 20%, their damage by 20%, their undead pet’s damage by 30% and allowing the Mage to breathe underwater. Does not trigger a global cooldown.

Root Abilities

Name Description
Summon: Skeletal Horror Tears the bones of the fallen from the ground to do the Mage’s bidding. The maximum level of the summoned pet is 4. Only 1 pet may be active at a time.
Plague Bolt Hurls a bolt of concentrated disease at the enemy, dealing 17 to 19 Death damage. Applies a stack of Deathly Calling. Max 5 stacks.
Dismiss Pet Dismiss your pet.
Necrosis Fills the enemy with corrupting energy, causing 30 Death damage over 12 seconds.
Revivify Channels energy into the Mage’s Undead pet, restoring 10% of its health each second for up to 8 seconds. Can only be used while out of combat. Consumes Charge while active.
Reclaim Power Drains 10% of the caster’s maximum health from their pet and restores 10% of the caster’s maximum mana.
Essence Link Reduces the enemy’s Death resistance by 10 and reduces any healing they receive by 15% for 60 seconds. Causes undead pets to heal the pet owner for 5 health each time the pet deals damage.
Summon: Skeletal Stalwart Tears the bones of a fallen warrior from the ground to do the Mage’s bidding. The maximum level of the summoned pet is 18. Only 1 pet may be active at a time.
Life Shift Deals 43 Death damage to the Mage and heals for 197 health and an additional amount equal to 10% of the caster’s maximum health. Cannot target the Mage.
Exhume Reduces the cast time of the Mage’s next undead summon by 100%. This effect lasts 15 seconds. Does not trigger the global cooldown.
Blood Binding Deals 68 Death damage to the Mage over 10 seconds. Heals the ally for 166 over 10 seconds. Cannot target the Mage.
Looming Demise Covers the enemy in a deathly pall, reducing their damage by 5% for 60 seconds.
Summon: Shadow Revenant Tears the spirit of a fallen mage from the void to do the Mage’s bidding. The maximum level of the summoned pet is 32. Only 1 pet may be active at a time.
Death’s Grasp Assaults the enemy with Death energy, stunning them for 3 seconds. For the next 60 seconds, each time an undead pet deals damage to the affected enemy it will reduce the enemy’s movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds.
Corpse Explosion Curses the enemy, if the enemy dies while affected by Corpse Explosion their corpse explodes, dealing 149 to 154 Death damage to all enemies within 10 meters. Lasts 10 seconds.
Last Gasp Curses the enemy, dealing 137 Death damage over 12 seconds. If the affected enemy is healed, an additional stack of Last Gasp will be applied. Max 5 stacks.
Mass Grave Summons an uncontrolled level 50 version of the Mage’s Skeletal Zealot and Shadow Revenant pets to assist them. These pets last for 30 seconds.


Gameplay Video


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