chloromancerThe Chloromancer is a healing specialist who draws on the vital energies of plants and nature, this mage finds a balance between life and death. Only Souls can focus these life energies into a devastating force, or recycle destructive magic to heal their allies.

In practice, the Chloromancer is about healing their allies through the damage they deal.

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Their every destructive spell generates healing magic, so a Soul can survive situations that would kill most mages, and keep their allies alive even as they annihilate the enemy.


Invaluable allies though they are, Souls possess neither the destructive potential of their fellow mages, nor the restorative spells of most clerics, and their ability to heal is dependent on the damage they deal in combat. A Soul who cannot hurt her foes cannot effectively heal her allies.


Gameplay Footage


Branch Skills

Name Description
Natural Awareness Casting a Life based spell enhances your Intelligence by 5/10/15/20/25% for 6 seconds.
Accelerated Growth Increases the damage of your life based spells by 5/10/15/20/25%.
Empowered Veil Increases the damage bonus from your Entropic Veil to 13/?/?%, increases the healing generated from your Lifegiving Veil by Life Damage to 60/?/?% and increases the radius of your Lifegiving Veil by 5/?/? meters.
Nature’s Corrosion Your Vile Spores and Ruin abilities also deal 33/66/99% of their damage over the next 6 seconds.
Healing Slipstream Reduces the cast time of your Bloom and Flourish abilities by 1 second/2 seconds.
Bloom Heals an ally for 149 to 154 health. +13 Charge.
Circle of Life Casting a damaging spell increases the critical hit chance of your next Bloom or Flourish, within 15 seconds, by 5/10/15/20/25%.
Phytogenesis Increases the chance your Radiant Spores will heal allies attacking the affected enemy by 5/10/15%. Gives your Radiant Spores a 33/?/?% chance to affect all enemies within 10 meters of the targeted enemy.
Synthesis Bathes an ally in light, increasing healing they receive from Lifegiving Veil by 150% for 1 hour. Cannot target the Mage. Can only affect 1 at a time.
Raised in Nature Increases your Endurance by 7/14/21% of your Intelligence.
Call of Spring Increases the amount of healing done by your healing spells and effects by 3/6/9/12/15%.
Nature’s Touch Blasts the enemy with energy, dealing 57-61 Life damage. If the Mage is affected by Lifegiving Veil, the ally, within 15 meters of the caster, with their Synthesis buff is healed by 100% of the damage dealt. +22 Charge.
Requires Synthesis Rank 1
Living Shell Encases the Mage in hardened vines, absorbing up to 426 damage for the next 30 seconds. Mana is reduced by the amount of damage absorbed.
Unleashed Abandon Increases the duration of your Wild Abandon by 1 second/2 seconds/3 seconds.
Natural Fusion Increases the bonus to heals from Lifegiving Veil provided by your Synthesis by 20/40/60%.
Requires Synthesis Rank 1
Enduring Tether Reduces cooldown on your Soul Tether by 30/60 seconds.
Wild Growth Blesses the ground within 15 meters of the Mage, healing up to 10 allies for 594 health over 12 seconds and reduces the movement speed of enemies by 50%. Consumes Charge while active. Charge cannot be gained while active.
Destructive Growth Enemies caught within the area of your Wild Growth take an additional 5/10% damage.
Empathic Bond Links the Mage and the ally affected by their Synthesis ability, returning mana to the Mage equal to 10% of the damage dealt to that ally. Lasts 30 seconds.
Requires Natural Fusion Rank 3
Essence Surge Heals an ally for 100% of their maximum health. Reduces magic damage dealt by the caster by 50% for 12 seconds. +10 Charge.

Root Skills

Name Description
Vile Spores Hurls infected spores at the enemy, dealing 32 to 35 Life damage.
Radiant Spores Surrounds the enemy with phytotropic spores for 16 seconds, giving any allies who damage the affected enemy a 15% chance to heal themselves for 100% of the damage dealt.
Withering Vine Withered vines strangle the enemy, causing 80 Life damage over 12 seconds, and healing up to 10 allies within 7 meters of the enemy for 75 over 12 seconds.
Entropic Veil Shrouds the Mage in an Entropic Veil, increasing all magic damage dealt by 10%. Consumes Charge while active. Charge cannot be gained while active. Does not trigger a global cooldown.
Stream of Reclamation Channels destructive energy into the enemy for 330 over 6 seconds. Does not trigger Radiant Spores. For every second this is channeled on an enemy with Radiant Spores, the chance for Radiant Spores to heal allies is increased by 5% for 3 seconds.
Lifegiving Veil Causes Life Damage dealt by the Mage to heal up to 10 allies within 15 meters for 50% of the damage done for 1 hour. All other spell damage dealt by the Mage heals allies for 5% of the damage done. Spells that damage more than one target have healing generated by Lifegiving Veil reduced by 80%. Life based damage over time effects heal allies for 60% of the damage done by the first damaging tick of the effect. The mage cannot receive healing from other Lifegiving Veil effects while affected by this buff.
Nature’s Cleansing Cleanses the ally, removing 1 Disease, Poison, or Curse Debuff
Natural Conversion Causes the next single target damaging spell cast by the enemy, within 30 seconds, to heal the enemy’s target for 200% of the damage done by the enemy’s spell.
Ruin Hurls a ball of life energy at the enemy, causing 51 to 54 Life damage.
Flourish Heals up to 10 allies within 15 meters for 293 to 298 health.
Wild Abandon Removes all root and snare effects from the ally and grants immunity from root and snare effects for 8 seconds.
Seed of Life Brings the fallen ally back to life and restores 20% of their health. This ability cannot be used while in combat.
Soul Tether The mage becomes a spiritual anchor for 30 seconds. The first party or raid member to dies within 25 meters of the Mage will be resurrected.
Nature’s Fury Unleashes a chain of powerful energy that hits up to 4 enemies for 107 to 111 Life damage.
Living Energy The Mage shares the life energy of the flora around them with their allies, reducing the cost of all abilities of party and raid members within 25 meters by 10%. Lasts until cancelled.
Corrosion Surrounds the Mage with corrosive mist, causing 229 Life damage to all enemies within 7 meters over 12 seconds. Consumes Charge while active. Charge cannot be gained while active.
Blight Strips all heal over time effects from the enemy and reduces healing they receive by 50% for 8 seconds.
Natural Splendor Channels a beam of corrosive energy into the enemy, dealing 835 Life damage over 8 seconds, up to 10 allies within 5 meters of the enemy heal 2108 health over 8 seconds. Consumes Charge while active.
Void Life Channels destructive energy at the enemy, dealing 703 Life damage to the enemy and all other enemies within 7 meters over 8 seconds. Each Life based damage over time effect on the enemy increases the total damage dealt by 36. Consumes Charge while active.

Soul Tree Video


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