Justicars are healing clerics who fight shoulder-to-shoulder with their allies in close combat. Conviction builds with each swing of their weapon, bolstering nearby comrades and powering the Justicar’s potent healing magic.

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A Justicar’s healing comes from damage dealt in close combat. Thus he can survive and thrive in the thick of the fighting while ensuring his allies do the same.


A Justicar’s divine magic depends upon his melee prowess, so foes are wise to try and keep the Justicar from the front lines.


Justicars are one of the front-line healers within the cleric calling. While they do have some direct heals, most of their healing power comes from damaging the enemy with melee abilities, gaining Conviction stacks which they then can release for powerful Area of Effect heals.

The Justicar Soul focuses primarily on healing and damage mitigation. They can play as tanks or offtanks if they choose to pick up a Mace and Shield, or as DPS if they pick up a Two-handed Mace.

Gameplay Video

Justicar History

Nidris the giant wolf crept unseen through the Faering Wood, following the scent of the invaders in the domain of Greenscale the Primordial. He tracked this war party of humans and Dwarves to an overgrown temple. Among stones pulled apart by vines, they bowed their heads in prayer, led by a Dwarven cleric who wore chainmail under his robes of office. He knelt at the remains of the altar, leaning on what looked to be a staff.

“Bidding farewell to your gods? They’ll soon be devoured by our lord Greenscale.” The impish voice belonged to Corrigan, a changeling who rode upon Nidris and fancied himself lord of this forest.

“Shed your worldly concerns,” said Corrigan, “and frolic with us in this paradise.”

A coven of winged faeries that doted on Corrigan buzzed out towards the group and began tugging at beards, pulling at tunics, and rifling through pockets for sport.

“I will frolic when I am done with my prayers,” said Thorvin Sternhammer, Justicar of Thedeor.

“A lackey of the gods!” taunted the changeling. “Do absolve us of our sins before Nidris devours you and I use your holy staff to pick the sinew from his teeth.” The faeries tittered mischievously. Nidris growled, shaking the forest.

“You wee winged demons misunderstand my faith. I am not here to absolve you. The god of battle showed me how that fat toad you call master could be beaten.” The faeries giggled and continued to painfully braid his beard. “But the strength of my faith lies not in sermons, and this is no preacher’s staff.”

The Dwarf brandished his maul of cold iron. “Absolve you? I’m here to smash you!”

The maul landed with a mighty thud, flattening a flittering faerie. Nidris howled in challenge, and Thorvin glared into its eyes. He swung his bludgeon at the tiny sprites, knocking some to splatter against the great wolf’s pelt.

Thorvin’s soldiers charged, their courage bolstered by his conviction. Teeth and metal clashed, and though Nidris bit and clawed the invaders, the soldiers’ wounds healed with every blow their cleric struck. The tide of battle turned, and soon the mighty beast found himself bloodied and nearing death.

“Flee! Flee!” screamed the terrified changeling, his mocking tone drained away. “This is no mere mortal, but an avatar of war!” Nidris yelped like a pup and turned tail, but Thorvin crippled its leg with a swing of his maul.

His heart pierced by the spears of the soldiers, Nidris collapsed with a final anguished cry, Corrigan tumbling from his back. Scrambling uselessly, the Changeling tore himself on brambles as the stout cleric strode toward him.

“I repent! I repent!” the changeling sniveled.

“I know you do, lad,” said Thorvin as he hefted the bloodstained maul. “And I’ve got your absolution right here.”

They say Corrigan’s death rattle haunts the Faering Wood to this day. He had met Thorvin Sternhammer, whose crusade hounded mighty Greenscale across all of what is now known as Mathosia.


Branch Advancement

Name Description
Hammer of Virtue Your melee attack abilities deal an additional (2/4/6/8/10)% damage when you have a mace or hammer equipped.
Armor of Virtue Your armor is increased by (3/6/9/12/15)%.
Healer’s Creed Reduces the mana cost of your Doctrines by (10/20/30)%.
Life’s Devotion Increases the chance of your Salvation healing you by (20/40/60)%. Increases your Salvation’s healing by (5/10/15)% of the damage done using Justicar abilities, (2/4/6)% using other abilities.
Doctrine of Bliss Heals the Cleric for 56 to 59 health. Removes 1 Conviction.
Shield of Faith Reduces the damage you receive by (1/2/3/4/5)%.
Reparation Infuses the Cleric’s weapon with a healing radiance, causing their damaging abilities to heal up to 10 nearby party and raid members. Justicar abilities heal for 25% of the damage done, all other abilities heal for 10% of the damage done. Does not affect the Cleric or anyone else using Reparation. Lasts 1 hour.
Valor Your Cavalier increases your Block Rating by (5/10/15/20/25)% of your Spell Power.
Precept of Refuge A guarded blow using the Cleric’s shield, dealing 39 to 42 Physical damage, in addition to increasing the Cleric’s Block by 15% for 8 seconds. Requires an equipped shield. Removes 1 Conviction.
Vengeful Justice Your Even Justice hits (1,2,3) additonal enemy.
Precept of Valiance Releases all of the Cleric’s Convictions, causing all of the Cleric’s damaging abilities to grant twice their normal threat. This may occur once for each Conviction released. Does not trigger a global cooldown.
Safe Haven Your Precept of Refuge increases your Block by an additional (1/2/3/4/5)%. Requires Precept of Refuge Rank 1.
Humbling Blow A crippling blow that deals weapon plus 22 to 24 Life damage, in additon to Snaring the enemy, reducing their movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds.
Light Makes Right Your Critical Hits with Life-based damaging abilities cause Cavalier to grant an extra Conviction.
Commitment Your regain 1% mana when you Block.
Forced to Kneel Gives your Humbling Blow a (50/100)% chance to Root the enemy for 3 seconds. Root cannot be borken by damage. Requires Humbling Blow Rank 1.
Reprive Heals the Cleric and the target of the Cleric’s Righteous Mandate for 1113 to 1122 health.
Stunning Blow Gives your Soverign Hammer a (50/100)% chance to Stun the enemy for 2 seconds.
Absolution Brings the fallen ally back to life and restores 100% of their health. This ability is usable in combat.

Root Advancement

Name Description
Salvation Infuses the Cleric’s weapon with healing light, causing their damaging abilities to have a 40% chance of healing the Cleric. Justicar abilities heal for 10% of the damage done, all other abilitiesheal for 5% of the damage done. Lasts 1 hour.
Strike of Judgement A chiding strike that deals weapon plus 6 to 7 Life damage.
Cavalier Fills the Cleric with righteous fervor, causing the Cleric’s Life-based damaging abilities to grant them a Conviction for 30 seconds. Also increases the Cleric’s Attack Power by their Spell Power, their Physical Crit by their Spell Crit, and their Melee Hit by their Spell Focus. Lasts 1 hour.
Bolt of Radiance Hurls a brilliant ball of light at the enemy, dealing 19 to 22 Life damage. When under the effect of Mein of Leadership, this will force the enemy to attack the Cleric for 3 seconds.
Doctrine of Loyalty Heals up to 10 nearby party or raid members for 48 health. Removes 1 Conviction.
Censure An admonishing strike that deals weapon plus 10 to 12 Life damage, in addition to increasing Life damage the enemy takes by 5% for 15 seconds.
Mien of Honor Gives the Cleric an honorable bearing, reducing the Cleric’s threat generation with damaging abilities by 50% and increasing their healing with Doctrines, Salvation and Reparation by 50%. Only 1 Mien can be active at a time. Lasts 1 hour.
Mien of Leadership Gives the Cleric a ruler’s bearing, increasing the Cleric’s threat generation by 100% and Endurance by 80%. It also increases the Cleric’s Block, Pary, Dodge and Armor ratings by 130%. Reduces all healing done except by Salvation, Reparation, and Reprieve by 40%. Reduces all damage done by 40%. Only 1 Mien can be active at a time. Lasts 1 hour.
Precept of Purpose Releases all of the Cleric’s Convictions, causing all of the Cleric’s melee attacks to restore 3% mana. Does not trigger a global cooldown. Lasts 2 seconds for each Conviction released.
Righteous Mandate Imbues the ally with righteous purpose. Anytime Salvation heals the Cleric past their Maximum Health, the overhealing is transferred to the ally. Lasts 1 hour. Can only be maintained on a single ally. Cannot be cast on another Cleric maintaining Righteous Mandate.
Doctrine of Righteous Heals the target of the Cleric’s Righteous Mandate for 125 to 129 health. The target must be within 25 meters. Removes 1 Conviction.
Even Justice A fair and just attack that hits up to 2 enemies for weapon plus 13 to 15 Life damage.
Soverign Hammer A brutal, decisive blow that deals weapon plus 30 to 33 Life damage.
Virtue Surrounds the Cleric with virtue, granting a 5% increase in healing to all nearby party and raid members for 30 seconds.
Interdict A rapid strick that deals weapon plus 34 to 36 Life damage. In addition to interrupting the casting of all enemies within 8 meters. Does not trigger a global cooldown.
Celerity Surrounds the Cleric with an aura of celerity, increasing the melee and casting spee of all nearby party and raid members by 10%.
Dedication Surrounds the Cleric with dedication, causing a 10% increase in damage dealt by all nearby party and raid members for 30 seconds.
Doctrine of Authority An authoritative strike that deals weapon plus 47 to 51 Life damage, healing 5 party or raid members for 300% of the damage done. This attack will always hit. Removes 1 Conviction.


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