The Inquisitor is a cleric who no longer follows the doctrines of life or death alone; instead, they stand between these forces demanding purity from both. An Inquisitor passes judgment on those who are worthy, and damns those who are corrupt.

Their true strength is derived from their extreme faith; as such, they forgo heavy armaments in favor of a simple hauberk of chain and a sturdy maul.

Although Inquisitors will never achieve the great heights of power from choosing an exclusive life or death path, their ability to harness and manipulate both energies make them extremely valuable companions.

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An Inquisitor is a potent one-on-one combatant who specializes in mixing life and death magic, stealing their opponent’s greatest strengths and making it their own.


Because they stand between the threshold of life and death, Inquisitors give up the strength found in those who walk a pure path. For that reason, they cannot support their allies in battle as strongly as other, more specialized clerics.


The Inquisitor is about debuffing and life- and mana drains. They have no direct healing effects, but instead they leech the enemy’s health to yourself. In a prolonged fight the Inquisitor will probably have the upper hand over many souls, but can fall quickly to burst damage.

Gameplay Video

Inquisitor History

Ever since the arrival of the Blood Storm on Telara, the resulting rifts have created a dissonance between the land, the universe, and the gods.

Rifts provide opportunities for malicious spirits and demons from other planes to invade the world. Many dread intruders enter Telara in physical form while other planar agents use soul possession to venture forth. The abundant life and energy of Telara is irresistible to powerful beings trapped in the harsh environments of the planes. For the most part, the world of Telara has been defenseless in the face of such onslaught, until the arrival of the Inquisitors.

Combining the powers of life and death with an unshakable obsession for natural order, Inquisitors have become powerful weapons against planar corruption. Inquisitors perform a wide range of tasks, from simple exorcisms and banishments to the extraordinary purging of greater planar powers from the world. But while the role of Inquisitors in protecting Telarans from the rifts is immensely beneficial, even essential, they are widely feared for their tendency towards extremism.

Inquisitors have predictably been in the center of many violent and painful historical events across Telara. From the Mathosian purge of Eth Schematics to the cleansing of the Hammerknell survivors, the Inquisitors have always done what was necessary to protect the lands from corruption, even if their hands get a little dirty in the process. For an Inquisitor serving the greater good, the end always justifies the means.


Inquisitors have life and mana drains, which can be used to keep both the Inquisitor and their allies alive.

Branch Advancement

Name Description
Castigation Reduces the cast time of your Bolt of Judgment by (.1/.2/.3/.4/.5) seconds.
Inner Focus Increases the Critical Hit chance of your damaging spells by (1/2/3/4/5)%.
Fanatic’s Faith Increases the damage of your spells that Critically Hit by (2/4/6/8/10)%.
Armor of Devotion Increases Endurance by 10 and increases the critical strike chance of Life and Death based abilities by 3%. Only 1 armor can be active at a time.
Unholy Tutelage Reduces the mana cost of your damaging spells by (2/4/6/8/10)%.
Contempt Your Vex heals you for (30/60/90)% of the damage done.
Aggressive Renewal Channels pure anguish into the enemy’s mind, dealing 47 Death damage over 3 seconds, in addition to restoring 61 mana to the Cleric every second. 2 minute cooldown.
Symbol of Corruption Your Bolt of Depravity causes an additional (6/12/18/24/30)% of its damage over 4 seconds.
Life and Death Concord Your Bolt of Judgment and Sanction Heretic have a (6/12/18/24/30)% chance to cause your next Bolt of Depravity to become instant cast. Once triggered, this effect may not occur again for 8 seconds.
Clinging Spirit Your Soul Drain reduces the damage output of each enemy and increases their damage taken by (3/6)% for 10 seconds.
Vengeful Recovery Increases the amount of mana restored by your Aggressive Renewal by (5/10)%. Requires Aggressive Renewal Rank 1.
Harsh Discipline Channels an agonizing, life siphoning beam into the enemy’s soul, dealing 122 Death damage to the enemy and healing the Cleric for the damage done over 3 seconds. 30 second cooldown.
Mental Resilience Your Vex and Sanction Heretic spells have a (10/20)% additional chance to Critically Hit.
Bewilder Fractures the enemy’s mind, Confusing them for 8 seconds. This effect is broken by damage. Can only be maintained on a single enemy. 45 second cooldown.
Lethargy Your Harsh Discipline and Aggressive Renewal reduce the movement of the target by 30% for the duration of the channel. Requires Harsh Discipline Rank 1.
Corporal Punishment Whenever you Critically Hit with your Life or Death based damaging abilities, the damage of your Life and Death based abilities is increased by (3/6/9/12/15)% for 10 seconds.
Fanaticism The next Life or Death based ability will critically hit. 30 second cooldown.
Circle of Oblivion Channels pure agony into an area, causing enemies within to take 270 Death damage over 6 seconds.

Root Advancement

Name Description
Bolt of Judgment Rebukes the enemy with a bolt of divine light, inflicting 24 to 26 Life damage.
Vex Distress the enemy, dealing 50 Death damage over 15 seconds.
Sanction Heretic Lambastes the enemy, dealing 14 to 17 Life damage and an additional 22 Life damage over 15 seconds. 15 second cooldown.
Bolt of Depravity Scourges the enemy with a bolt of pure malice, dealing 39 to 42 Death damage.
Armor of Treachery Increases armor by 90 and the damage of Life and Death based abilities is increase by 3%. Only 1 armor can be active at a time.
Impede Overwhelms the enemy with the weight of their transgressions, Snaring them by 30% for 8 seconds. 1 second cooldown, does not trigger Global Cooldown.
Purge Revokes the enemy’s enhancements, removing up to 2 of their buffs. Cooldown: 10 seconds
Perseverance Bulwarks an ally’s moreale, granting them immunity to the next Fear effect used against them. This effect lasts for 2 minutes. Cooldown: 2 minutes
Soul Drain Casts out a series of soul ravaging strands towards up to 3 nearby enemies. Each enemy hit deals 43 Death damage to up to 4 nearby enemies. Cooldown: 10 seconds
Spiritual Protection Increases an ally’s life and death resistance by 30 for one hour.
Spiritual Deficiency Decreases an enemy’s life and death resistance by 30 for 60 seconds.
Excommunicate Expels the enemy from the Cleric’s presence, dealing 45 to 48 Life damage, in addition to knocking them back. Cooldown: 30 seconds
Trepidation Shatters the morale of all nearby enemies, Fearing them for 8 seconds. Cooldown: 1 minute.
Armor of Awakening Secures the Cleric’s physical and spiritual reserves, increases their Heal Regeneration Rate by 50% and their Mana Regeneration Rate by 10%. Only 1 Armor can be active at a time. Lasts 1 hour.
Divine Pardon Absolves the Cleric of guilt, reducing their current threat by 90%. 2 minute cooldown.
Shroud of Agony Surrounds the Cleric with shifting spirits of pain. When the Cleric is hit, there is a 20% chance of the spirits lashing out, dealing 44 Death damage to all nearby enemies over 6 seconds.
Nysyr’s Rebuke Channels shame and malice in equal measure into the area around the Cleric, dealing 229 Death damage and Stunning all nearby enemies over 3 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.


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